Kim Kardashian Responds After Being Named SNL Host (And Without Kanye West As Musical Guest)

Kim Kardashian on Ellen

Fresh off its big win at the Primetime Emmy Awards this past week, Saturday Night Live is making moves in anticipation of its 47th season premiere next month. The veteran sketch comedy show just confirmed the first three hosts of the season, and one of them will be none other than Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star is set to host the second episode of the season, but don’t expect soon-to-be-ex-husband Kanye West to be the musical guest. That role will be filled by Halsey. Now, Kardashian has taken to social media to react to the news.

As expected, there was no actual mention of Kanye West in Kim Kardashian’s Twitter post. What she did do was share a photo of a Saturday Night Live’s traditional cork board, with her name, the show date and the performer. And based on the message that accompanied the pic, she seems excited to be taking to the stage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza:

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Kim Kardashian (and her famous relatives) have been lampooned on SNL for years now, but this will actually mark her first time performing on the show. And she won’t be the only first-time host this season, either, as she’ll be joined by Owen Wilson (with musical guest Kacey Musgraves) and Rami Malek (accompanied by Yung Thug). The fourth confirmed host is series veteran Jason Sudeikis, who will be joined by Brandi Carlile.

While Kim Kardashian has never actually taken to the stage herself, her somewhat estranged spouse has been a consistent musical fixture at Saturday Night Live over the years. Given the obvious connection between Kanye West and Kardashian, some may believe that he would’ve been a perfect fit for the episode. However, West has had a few conflicts with the show in recent years.

Kanye West last appeared on the NBC series in 2018 and, after his performance, he engaged in a rant in which he expressed support for then-president Donald Trump. The moment, which was captured on social media by show attendees, showed cast members shaking their heads while a few boos from the crowd could be heard. West’s relationship with the show seemingly took another less-than-positive turn in 2020 after comedian Issa Rae made a joke about him during a sketch. The rapper subsequently responded, accusing SNL of using “ black people to hold other black people back.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still engaged in divorce proceedings, though the two have been reconnecting as of late. They’ve been spending time with their children (and each other), with Kardashian even supporting and/or performing at West’s recent Donda listening parties.

I’d say the chances of Kanye West coming to 30 Rock to support Kim Kardashian are slim. But then again, he could certainly choose to repay her support by attending the show.

Saturday Night Live returns to NBC for its season premiere on October 2, at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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