Will And Grace Star Debra Messing Throws Shade After Kim Kardashian Gets Picked To Host SNL

Debra Messing crosses her arms as Grace on Will & Grace

When Kim Kardashian was announced as one of the hosts for the upcoming 47th season of Saturday Night Live, the reality star reacted with obvious excitement and possibly some understandable nerves. But as many looked forward to seeing Kardashian take the famed stage with musical guest Halsey on October 9, former Will & Grace star Debra Messing actually took issue with the influencer getting the spot rather than a performer.

Debra Messing, who played the titular Grace Adler on Will & Grace, which wrapped a three-season revival last year, tweeted her confusion and seemingly threw a little shade at the announcement Kim Kardashian had gotten the call to host the longtime sketch comedy show. She noted that the host role on NBC traditionally goes to someone who has a project to promote.

Why Kim Kardashian? I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch. Am I missing something?

To Debra Messing’s point, the other three hosts who were announced for the first episodes of Saturday Night Live’s 47th season do have current projects to promote. Owen Wilson, who will guest host for the October 2 season premiere, has gained recent attention for his role in Loki on Disney+. Rami Malek will host October 16 to coincide with the release of the new James Bond film No Time to Die, and SNL alum Jason Sudeikis will return to 30 Rockefeller Plaza on October 23, following a successful night at the Emmy Awards with his AppleTV+ show Ted Lasso. Though last season, it's also worth pointing out Elon Musk hosted.

And while Kim Kardashian did have a role recently in Paw Patrol: The Movie and we’re all awaiting details on the famous family’s new reality project with Hulu, I think it’s fair to say those are not the reasons she’ll be appearing on Saturday Night Live.

Still, this is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. Isn’t she always just promoting … herself? The reality TV star and her family have been made fun of on Saturday Night Live multiple times over the years, and she’s proven she has no problem being the butt of the joke. I understand people’s tendencies to get tired of the Kardashians’ overexposure, but I think Kim could bring some great self-deprecating humor to the stage.

Debra Messing, for her part, is set to star in the new Broadway production Birthday Candles, which will debut in spring 2022. In 2020 she starred in the adventure dramedy The Dark Divide alongside David Cross and was reported to have signed on as executive producer and star of East Wing, a Starz comedy featuring Messing as Hollis Carlisle, who's serving as the Social Secretary in the White House during Ronald Reagan's time as the president in the 1980s. While Messing has never hosted SNL, her Will & Grace co-stars Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack each hosted once in the early days of the NBC sitcom.

Saturday Night Live returns to NBC for its season premiere on October 2, at 11:30 p.m. ET. Be sure to check out our 2021 fall TV schedule to keep up with the premiere dates of all your favorite shows.

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