How Vanessa Lachey Is Reportedly Handling Things After Hubby Nick Lachey's Legal Troubles

Nick Lachey made headlines during the past week, and it wasn’t related to his hosting duties on the hit show Love Is Blind (which recently kicked off a new season). Lachey was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and anger management courses due to a paparazzi-related incident that took place in 2022. At this point, the 49-year-old media personality has not publicly commented on the requirements he’s been handed. The same is true of his wife and LIB co-host, Vanessa Lachey. However, a source provided alleged details on how Vanessa is feeling amid her husband’s legal troubles. 

It’s fair to say that Vanessa Lachey finds herself in a complex situation as a result of her spouse’s current predicament. Yet it sounds like she’s not planning to leave his side as he continues to navigate the fallout of his scuffle with the paparazzo. A source for Us Weekly alleges that the NCIS: Hawai’i star (who was recently involved in that huge three-show crossover) plans to stand by her man. Though said person also claims that she’s aware of the severity of the 98 Degrees alum’s actions:

Vanessa likes to look at the bright side of things. She stands by Nick, but she agrees that he didn’t handle the situation correctly. He behaved inappropriately. She says this whole ordeal has been a wake up call and that we can all learn from it, especially Nick.

Most probably aren’t too shocked to hear claims that the 42-year-old actress is supporting her hubby throughout the proceedings. Over the years, the couple – who tied the knot in 2011 – have always put on a united front in the public eye. Still, the insider gives the impression that she’s also not letting her husband off the hook completely. She was, after all, present when he got into that heated exchange with the photographer in March 2022. 

The shutterbug in question is Jody Santos, who claimed that Nick Lachey was handed his punishments only after she spent months calling the District Attorney’s Office. She came into contact with Jessica Simpson’s former husband and reality TV co-star in Beverly Hills around the time that the star and his wife were exiting a restaurant around dinner time. Santos – who was allegedly positioned in a car across the street from the establishment – began taking pics of the couple. Lachey is said to have gone over to the car and hurled expletives at Santos before attempting to take her phone. 

In a recent interview, Jody Santos claimed that the star has not “taken any responsibility” for his “aggressive” behavior. The Charmed alum did speak out on his run-in with Santos shortly after it occurred. In a Twitter post, he admitted to “overreacting” while also noting that contending with the paparazzi’s “antics are sadly part of the deal” when you become a public figure. Some, including Santos, apparently read that as the star justifying his actions.

Amid the drama that currently surrounds him though, one would think that Nick Lachey is happy to have his wife’s support (should the insider’s comments be true). He and Vanessa Lachey, who have a residence in Hawai’i, have emerged as a true power couple. It’d be hard to imagine the parents of three not holding together as Nick deals with this controversy.

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