The Moment When Nick Lachey's Kids Finally Thought He Was Cool, And It Doesn't Involve Boy Bands

Nick Lachey being interviewed after The Masked Singer
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Nick Lachey has been in entertainment for three decades, with roles ranging from singer to reality star to TV host. You would think that his three kids would be enamored by his success, but that’s far from the truth. Of course, Lachey isn’t the first celeb to be viewed as uncool by their kids. He's always been just dad to them, and they didn't witness his 98 Degrees glory days. So, earning cool points with them was hard until one gig finally made him cool, and it doesn’t involve boy bands.

The Ultimatum host spoke on what led to him earning some cool dad points while being interviewed alongside wife Vanessa Lachey on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Season 5 Masked Singer winner opened up about how appearing in the singing competition finally earned him the approval of his kids:

It's funny, they don't care about 98 Degrees, they don't care about any of that stuff. But when I did The Masked Singer, that was the moment that Dad became cool with the kids. It took dressing up like a pig and singing on national television to be cool to my kids. Whatever it takes.

Like any dad, the 98 Degrees member just wants his family to appreciate what he does. So, all it took was dressing up in a Piglet costume and singing on national television to receive that appreciation. After appearing in the Fox series, the singer feels his brood is finally realizing he’s famous. He was candid about how his sons and daughter view him compared to the rest of the world.

I think they're starting to [understand my fame]. But they don't care. I'll sing around the house and my son's like, 'Dad stop singing, stop singing.'

Kids can be harsh sometimes. Imagine building a career in music only for your family to not care! After he commented on his son’s annoyance with his singing, Vanessa Lachey – who also stars on CBS' NCIS: Hawai'i – recalled the television personality reminding him that “singing put a roof” over their heads. 

His wife clearly has his back, even if the kids don't fully appreciate his boy band days. Nick Lachey displayed the same supportive attitude when the family had to move to Hawai'i for her lead role in the CBS series. Maybe in the future, their three kids will grow to understand how impressive their parents’ careers are.

Of course, their kids’ ages might play a huge role in their perspective. Oldest son Camden was born in 2012, followed by daughter Brooklyn arriving in 2015, and youngest son Phoenix in 2016. So, the Lachey kids might be too young to understand his fame and success right now. At least viewers appreciated his talent as he took the Season 5 crown after weeks of guessing who the Piglet might be.

After his Masked Singer victory, the television personality has been busy hosting the hit reality dating series Love is Blind and its spinoff The Ultimatum alongside his wife. Both series are currently streaming on Netflix. Along with those two series, there are plenty of amazing shows on Netflix.

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