Jay Hernandez Shared One Last 'Friday’ Fave Set Pic With Fans After Magnum P.I. Was Cancelled

Jay Hernandez on Magnum P.I.
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The dust has seemingly settled when it comes to the wave of TV cancellations in 2022, though many fans are still in mourning, as are casts and crews from those shows that met unfortunate fates. Magnum P.I. was amongst those on the list, as the Season 4 finale of the CBS reboot became its series finale. And following the show's demise, Jay Hernandez took to social media to share one last Friday photo with the fans.

Magnum P.I.’s cancellation came after the finale, meaning the cast and crew weren’t able to given the series a proper send-off, a situation that unfortunately happens with a lot of cancelled shows. Jay Hernandez, who portrays the titular character, took to Twitter post-cancellation to take part in one last Magnum Friday photo, which features co-star Tim Kang. Check it out down below:

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The star has consistently shared behind-the-scenes photos ahead of new episodes of Magnum P.I. over the years. While it's sad that fans won't be able to look forward to more of them in the future, it's nice that he did drop one final snapshot and got Gordon Katsumoto himself, Tim Kang, in it. Still I'd love for him to continue the Friday tradition in some way. Maybe he can post throwbacks every week now?

The Friday photo tradition came to be because Magnum P.I. spent three of its four seasons airing on that night, specifically holding the 9:00 timeslot. (It was somewhat ironic given that it aired on the same night as Blue Bloods, which stars OG Thomas Magnum star Tom Selleck.) When CBS’ fall 2022 schedule was released, it was definitely weird to not see Magnum in the lineup, and it's been replaced by SEAL Team’s Max Thieriot’s new series, Fire Country.

In addition to his final Friday photo, Hernandez also shared a short but very sweet message with the fans and, in it, he reflected on his time on the show. Following the cancellation, CBS boss Kelly Kahl opened up about why the fan-favorite reboot was axed, noting that it was a “tough” decision and hinting that there were multiple factors at play.

The procedural was, of course, only one of multiple shows cancelled by CBS, though it definitely made for one of the more surprising demises. One can only hope that this won’t be the last time that viewers see Magnum and the team. Other network shows have found new life in other spaces, so maybe the same can be true here. Until such a thing happens, though, I'm going to savor this last Friday photo and others before it.

As of right now, only Season 4 of the Magnum P.I. is available to stream on with a Paramount+ subscription. And while you're checking that out, be sure to take a look at CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule, which has information on the shows that will be premiering and returning this year.

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