Jessica Simpson Opens Up After 100LB Weight Loss: ‘A Woman’s Body Is Phenomenal In What It Can Do’

Jessica Simpson on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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Jessica Simpson has been a successful figure in the music, movie, and fashion industries and as such, has had all manner of publicity over the years, some of which has poked fun at the star (remember the chicken of the sea debacle?). This public scrutiny would be enough to knock the best of us off our game, and Simpson has certainly had her struggles over the years. However, she's remained successful and has even lost a 100 lbs. recently! She's now opening up about her significant weight loss and is giving all women props by acknowledging how “phenomenal” their bodies are in what they can accomplish.

While speaking with People, Jessica Simpson embraced all the things women’s bodies can do, stating that she always celebrates her body no matter what size she is. After having three children, Simpson has seen her body do some wondrous things. Here is what she says in reverence of the female form:

I always celebrate my body. The fact that it made children is unreal, ... but you just don’t ever think you’re going to fit back into things. It’s crazy. A woman’s body is phenomenal in what it can do.

The star has very publicly struggled with her body throughout her career. For years, she was one of the most well known blonde bombshells of the 2000s, even portraying another classic hot blonde in the film adaptation of The Dukes of Hazzard. When your career is based on having a desirable figure, weight gain can come as a huge hit. 

Over the years, the star has gained and lost weight a number of times and has been very candid about her weight loss journeys. A couple years ago, she debuted a yoga mindset after losing 100 lbs. and, this time around, she's showing off her bod with the help of bikini pics from her family's vacation. You can check out her most recent look in the post below, in which the That '70s Show alum is practically glowing:

Jessica Simpson is definitely slaying in while in her 40s. Though she’s always been gorgeous, no matter her weight, and it's wonderful to see the confidence her new figure has given her. In the same interview, Simpson talked about accepting herself and her own body, saying:

I’ve definitely embraced myself. And I think that people get that with me, and they know that I’m being open and that I’m being honest about my life.

This kind body positivity and healthy lifestyle has been talked about quite a bit by a number of celebs as of late. For instance, Ashley Graham has advocated against judging the body, while Rebel Wilson has discussed her year of health (which resulted in major weight loss for her). It's beautiful to see Jessica Simpson taking it a step further by celebrating her body and those of others, and I am certainly in awe of her and women everywhere.

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