Jessica Simpson Works Her Way Back Into A Bikini After Losing 100 LBs, Shares Progress Pic

Jessica Simpson on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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Jessica Simpson has been open about her weight loss journey, and while the 2000s-era pop star has been looking amazing in her social media posts, she recently took to Instagram to celebrate a pretty significant milestone — losing 100 pounds. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Simpson pointed out that this is the third time she’s been able to reach that goal. 

To celebrate, she decided to show off the results of her hard work with a bikini pic! Check out her Instagram post below:

The “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer deserves every bit of praise she’s getting in those comments. Jessica Simpson credited hard work, determination and self love for her being able to flaunt a bikini on her spring break vacation, and we love to see her feeling so confident. The pink paisley bikini (part of her own swim collection) is gorgeous, and she paired it with white sunglasses and a cowboy hat (hello, Dukes of Hazzard!). 

Her post isn’t just a celebration of her accomplishment; it’s also pretty inspirational for her fans who might also be on their own weight loss journeys. Many people might not have the determination that it takes to reach that weight loss milestone one time, but Jessica Simpson proved that not only can you achieve that goal, but it’s also possible to get back to it if you don’t maintain the weight loss the first time around. It’s the uplifting kind of message we love to see on social media.

It certainly hasn’t been an easy journey for the singer. She mentioned in the post that she had a “good proud cry” to get some of those emotions out. The mother of three (she shares daughters Maxwell and Birdie and son Ace with husband Eric Johnson) has spoken in the past about her body image, including how pregnancy affected her weight and how hard it’s been to go through such dramatic fluctuations in the public eye. The scrutiny she’s had to endure from growing up in the world of pop culture definitely didn’t do anything to help her self-confidence. 

Back in 2018, the former Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica star said she never wanted to be on another reality show, saying she didn’t like how your words could be manipulated and used against you. After the whole “Chicken of the Sea” tuna fiasco, nobody can blame her for that decision! These days, her life is much more private than her young adulthood was, and it seems to be working for her, as she appears as healthy and happy as ever!

While this post didn’t say exactly how she made it back to the 100-pound milestone, Jessica Simpson has previously done Weight Watchers and, more recently, was into yoga. Whatever she's doing, it's working, and we are just happy to see the former reality star in such a good and confident place, celebrating her successes and focusing on self-love. The drool-worthy bikini shots are just bonus!

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