Kaley Cuoco's Big Bang Theory Co-Star Jim Parsons Sweetly Opened Up About His Former Co-Star Becoming A Mom

Kaley Cuoco talks with Jim Parsons in the bathroom in The Big Bang Theory.
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For twelve seasons, the cast of The Big Bang Theory felt like a family of performers that welcomed the world into their chaotic universe on a weekly basis. That of course led to many stories of how performers like Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons all really got to know each other and form friendships. Now, even years after the CBS comedy ended, Parsons shared some sweet comments about Cuoco’s first pregnancy with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey, as he recently opened up about how he felt about this blessed event.

While speaking with ET at a red carpet event, the actor who brought Dr. Sheldon Cooper to life was asked about Kaley Cuoco becoming a mom early on in her relationship with Tom Pelphrey. Just as you’d expect, Jim Parsons went full sweetheart, and shared the following thoughts:

She's gonna be incredible. She's a comforting presence, and it was a pleasure to work with her day in and day out. She's a very warm person, and I think that child is lucky to have her for a mother.

In contrast to the character that won him awards, acclaim, and pop culture stardom, Parsons’ reaction to the news is much warmer than what you’d expect from his Big Bang Theory character. Further highlighting the actor’s real life persona, Jim Parsons continues to show why it was a joy to work with him, and also why his decision to leave the show after twelve seasons was so shocking. 

For her part, Kaley Cuoco has been sharing updates throughout her journey into motherhood, revealing things like how she had to sideline her hobby of horseback riding. Cuoco did seem to tease her pregnancy on TikTok before anyone knew officially, so the voice of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn clearly knows how to tell a story. As such,  you can probably add storytelling to the list of skills that The Flight Attendant actor will be able to call upon as a parent.

As the former castmates of The Big Bang Theory continue to venture forth in life, hopefully they'll cross paths again over time. Jim Parsons’ glowing opinion of Kaley Cuoco’s future as a mother would certainly have us hoping to see more of them together, even though their professional futures seem to be following different paths.

Fans of both The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant don't have too far to go if they want to enjoy either (or both) of those series! With an HBO Max subscription on your streaming device of choice, delivering laughter and/or mystery is as simple as clicking an app. Even Cuoco's Harley Quinn is available on the streamer. Just make sure you're careful with what you watch with any potential kids of your own in the room. In the case of Harley Quinn, animation definitely doesn't mean kid-friendly!

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