After Kaley Cuoco Announces She’s Having A Baby, She’s All In On Sharing Her Pregnancy Journey

Kaley Cuoco is going to be a mom. The actress announced the news in a sweet gender announcement post on Tuesday, sharing that she and her new beau Tom Pelphrey will be having a little girl together. The actress didn’t stop there, however. Instead, she shared a slew of moments from the last several months in which she was pregnant but didn't want the fans to know. So, she waited until now to share her pregnancy journey. 

Kaley Cuoco’s Cute Pregnancy Announcement

In a post on Instagram, The Flight Attendant actress shared a post with a slew of photos detailing how she and her partner have been prepping for the baby, a little girl whose due date is in 2023. There’s a slew of photos: She and Tom with a gender reveal cake, him with a cute little onesy...

OK is it weird I’m totally distracted about how much coffee got spilled on the outside of Pelphrey's mug while Cuoco's still looks totally pristine? You can take a look at the Instagram post below and see what details stand out to you.

Of course, the happy couple received a slew of kind thoughts and congratulations from some big names. Julianne Hough excitedly said, "Aaaahhhhh congratulations!!!!!" Hallmark star Lacey Chabert wrote, "So happy for you guys!" There were plenty of other well wishers, but the fun wouldn't end there, as the Meet Cute actress also shared looks at the months that have gone by without her accidentally dropping a hint about her pregnancy. 

Kaley Cuoco's Pregnancy Journey

The actress has been seen out and about recently, particularly in support of her 2022 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy. In fact, it turns out that in the pictures of Kaley Cuoco in that pink dress from the HBO Max Emmy Nominees Reception back on September 12, the actress was actually already fairly heavily pregnant. She revealed it was to the point where she could barely fit in the dress (and if the Emmys had happened any later it may not have been in the cards for her).

Kaley Cuoco almost couldn't fit into her dress.

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco)

Kaley Cuoco is also a noted animal lover. As an avid equestrian, she keeps horses on her property and even built a home in Hidden Hills that could accommodate the animals before her ultimate split from Karl Cook. Of course, a big moment in her pregnancy journey was introducing her horses to the "bub."   

Kaley Cuoco introducing the horses to her baby.

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco)

The actress is very in-demand coming off of her 10-year run on The Big Bang Theory -- in fact she just had new movie Meet Cute come out to varying reviews.  It should probably not be a surprise that she's continued working through this pregnancy. Well, with a few changes of course. She shared one pic of her taking a nap in between takes, and of course, there's this maybe not-so-sweet memory.

Kaley Cuoco from set of new action movie

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco)

A pregnancy would not be a pregnancy without some weird food cravings. Celebs like Khloè Kardashian have talked food needs while pregnant in the past, and on her Stories, Cuoco shared she once wanted a tuna sandwich in Denmark and she basically freaked out when her partner pulled it off and found her one. She also shared a look at her "Subway" phase. 

Kaley Cuoco ate Subway while pregnant.

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco)

Cuoco and Pelphrey's relationship is still fairly early, and our thoughts go out to them as they get into the nesting phase of this pregnancy journey. There should be plenty more excitement for the two actors in the months to come. 

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