Kaley Cuoco Is All About Sharing Her Pregnancy Journey, Including One Thing She's Had To Step Away From

Tom Pelphrey and Kaley Cuoco at Flight Attendant Event for HBO Max.
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Kaley Cuoco has been sweetly sharing baby bump photos and more since she and partner Tom Pelphrey announced they were having a baby last month. The first time mom has seemed mostly excited about what is to come, but being pregnant isn’t without sacrifices. In fact, she recently shared a post about one thing pregnant women step away from: riding.

Cuoco’s a noted animal lover and avid rider who has competed in showjumping events and more in the past. She previously told Jimmy Kimmel she competes under an alias--at least when she's not pregnant. Recommendations online vary regarding when a soon-to-be mom should completely stop riding while pregnant, but at least by the third trimester, pregnant women are typically veering away from riding completely. Before that, there are also recommendations about avoiding activities that could result in abdominal trauma and any hard exercising of a horse is not suggested at any point during pregnancy. 

The good news? Kaley Cuoco has other horse lovers in her life. In a new post on her Stories, Kaley Cuoco showed off her personal home riding course (which comes complete with a custom mounting block made by her ex-husband Karl Cook. She thanked pal Frank Van Helmond for making sure her horses get out and ridden so that her horses stay in "tip top shape" while she watches on. 

Kaley Cuoco watching as her horse gets exercise while pregnant.

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Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey haven’t announced exactly when the little one is coming, but they did share the gender reveal cake with fans back in October, announcing they will be having a girl. They’ve also shared moments including drinking out of Mama Bear and Papa Bear mugs, among other excited proud soon-to-be parent photos. 

Since then, Cuoco has shared how she hid her pregnancy on a red carpet for Meet Cute earlier this year (so she’s been showing at least since September).  And Pelphrey also shared the couple's feelings about the pregnancy, using adjectives like "excited" and "blessed." 

We’re so excited. It's the most incredible thing. Very blessed… very fortunate… very lucky… Everybody's healthy... It's a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile, outside of her relationship with Tom Pelphrey, the Flight Attendant star has been hard at work. She’s also been recently sharing images from filming her new streaming series Based on a True Story, which will be available to those with a Peacock subscription sometime after it wraps. She's busy, busy, busy before the baby comes, which may help with the sting of not being able to compete. It's nice she has her own tribe of people around her to help out and to help her keep her animal kids in great shape, even if she's watching from the sidelines right now.

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