That Time Kaley Cuoco Teased Her Pregnancy On TikTok Before We Even Knew It

Kaley Cuoco pregnant red carpet event.
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Kaley Cuoco is pregnant with her first child. She and her partner Tom Pelphrey announced they were having a baby back in October, but subsequently the Meet Cute star mentioned she’d known some time before she shared the news. In fact, when she dressed for HBO’s Emmys party in September, she’d been concerned about the gown making it around her waist. Now, thanks to a new video, we know she was also lightly teasing her pregnancy before she shared the news with fans online.

In a viral TikTok that’s blown up following the pregnancy news, stylist Brad Goreski shared a post of The Flight Attendant star ahead of her Peacock movie’s premiere. In the video, Cuoco is already dressed in the notable pink dress she wore when she attended the event early on in her relationship with Tom Pelphrey. She’s clearly on her phone when the video starts and is none too happy to be bothered. However, it’s her response in the video that’s most intriguing. After she gets asked a question off-camera, she looks up and says “Mommy’s working." Check it out.


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The video itself is quite amusing and when it was posted around the time of the premiere, it just seemed like an innocuous moment the famous stylist caught and threw up on TikTok. However, given we now know that Kaley Cuoco was already pregnant when she attended the event, the video has new context. 

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey Attend Emmys Event.

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How We Know Kaley Cuoco Was Pregnant While At The Emmys Party

When Kaley Cuoco hit the carpet in the bright pink dress, all eyes were on Cuoco attending the event with Tom Pelphrey. She and the Ozark actor only started dating earlier in 2022 and had just made their first public appearance together a few months earlier, at Greg Berlanti’s Hollywood Walk of Fame event.

Just looking at the star, she wasn’t at the point where she was noticeably pregnant yet, not in the same way Blake Lively has been, for example, at recent events. (In fact, Lively chose to announce her pregnancy by showing off her baby bump.) Meanwhile, Cuoco wasn’t super far along yet and decided to keep things under the radar for a bit. However, when she did finally make the announcement, she also shared the fact she could barely get into the dress, also mentioning her stylist in that post. 

Kaley Cuoco almost couldn't fit into her dress.

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Brad Goreski had to have known she was struggling to fit in the dress, which makes me assume he also knew what he was doing when he posted that “Mommy’s working” TikTok. More recent comments on the post have shown Cuoco fans are enjoying the joke, as many of them have started commenting things like “soon she is a mommy” and “now mommy's working makes more sense 😂😂😂” after the pregnancy announcement was made. 

This isn’t the first time Brad Goreski has worked with a pregnant client, as he previously spoke with People about dressing Jenna Dewan when she was expecting – though at that point his client wasn’t trying to hide her baby bump. Given Kaley Cuoco's baby isn't due until 2023,  I’m assuming she’ll have plenty more events to attend where she can show off her bump, should she choose to. And given Cuoco’s been all about sharing her pregnancy journey in other areas, including working out with her trainer Ryan Sorensen, I can only imagine if she has an event to attend she’ll be the most stylish soon-to-be Mama. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. 

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