Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Is Finalized And The Details Include Guns, A Lump Payment And Even A Ford Fire Truck

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More often than not, divorces don’t come easy – or cheap. Kelly Clarkson is all too familiar with that concept since filing for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in June of 2020. The two have been locked in a contentious back and forth over everything from their prenup to custody and property issues. Fortunately, their divorce has officially been finalized of late, and the details over who got what went down to the nitty gritty, and included stipulations regarding guns, a pretty huge lump sum payment, and even a Ford fire truck.

The Bottom-Dollar Line Of Kelly Clarkson's Divorce

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Brandon Blackstock will receive a substantial one-time, tax-free payment in the amount of $1,326,161 from his ex. Furthermore, he will be getting $115,000 per month in spousal support (which has been slightly amended from the original total that angered Kelly Clarkson’s fanbase online last year). The American Idol winner only has to pay that support until January 31, 2024, though the $45K monthly child support payments will be upheld until their two children (ages 5 and 7) turn 18.

Where Kelly Clarkson's Kids And Personal Items Stand Now

Custody issues were hammered out in the proceedings, with the two kids living full-time with Kelly Clarkson in Los Angeles, and visiting their father one weekend each month. Apparently, a clause was put into the agreement that the children had to be vaccinated from COVID-19 due to the visitation travel. Clarkson also agreed to pay Brandon Blackstock $50,000 in reimbursement for the kids’ private air travel arrangements.

The divorce settlement also stipulates who gets certain personal items. Though Brandon Blackstock is getting all the livestock associated with their ranch, Kelly Clarkson will receive “all guns acquired prior and during the marriage” for family hunting purposes. Additionally, she gets to keep a Can-Am 4-wheeler and “bush hog” rotary mower for her outdoorsy needs. The Voice judge is likewise making off with several vehicles: a pickup truck, a Ford fire truck, a Ford Bronco, a Ford F-250, as well as a Porshe Cayenne.

Fate Of Kelly Clarkson's Contentious Montana Ranch

Previously, it was ruled in Kelly Clarkson’s favor that the couple’s hotly debated Montana ranch home would go to her in the divorce. There was a hold-up, though, when the judge decided that Brandon Blackstock could not be evicted from the property, as was hoped, due to his financial circumstances at the time. The “Since U Been Gone” singer would later settle by agreeing to give her ex-husband 5.12% of the property value (approximately $908K).

It isn’t clear if the reported final lump sum payment is just a new estimated approximation for the owed property value percentage. Nevertheless, the talk show host's now-former hubby seemingly has to pay her to live on the property until June when he’s expected to move out. (There are some discrepancies in exactly how much the monthly rent actually is, with The Blast reporting $2K and TMZ reporting $12.5K.)

All in all, Brandon Blackstock appears to be getting a lot of money out of the final arrangement one way or another. But with the divorce now behind her, at least Kelly Clarkson can make a new start by presumably driving off into the sunset in her Ford fire truck or Porshe or any which car she chooses, firing celebratory gun shots as she goes. She also just might be making a big change in her legal name

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