After Lengthy Divorce Battle With Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson Is Making A Big Change

Kelly Clarkson and ex-husband Brandon Blackstock may be officially divorcing, but the details have taken some time to smooth out. Of course, for anyone, ending a marriage can be a tremendous life change, especially for a star of Clarkson’s magnitude. Yet, splitting from her partner isn’t the only change the Voice coach has decided to make in her life.

According to Us Weekly, the American Idol vet filed a court motion to change her legal name from Kelly Clarkson to Kelly Brianne. In the papers, Clarkson reportedly wished to go by her first and middle names as the name change “more fully reflects” who she is now. 

The documents were filed Monday, February 14, which is Valentine's Day. There's something fitting about the timing, particularly given the host and singer said she wanted a fresh start after the tumultuous divorce proceedings. It is unclear if the name change will just affect her personal life or bleed over into her professional endeavors, but The Kelly Brianne Show doesn't have quite the same ring. 

A hearing won't happen until March 28th, but the new change is just the latest bit of news from the Kelly Clarkson Show host. The singer has been working toward being single, but recent reports have indicated she's allegedly not ready to mingle. Clarkson has reportedly been feeling skittish about dating again after what happened with her ex-husband. While her friends allegedly want her to put herself out there again, Kelly Clarkson has been adjusting to her new life as a single mom.

Part of the adjustment period has been dealing with the awkward way she and her ex are co-parenting, especially after Blackstock allegedly wanted to spend Christmas together as a family. Clarkson wasn’t reportedly down for the idea, as they've been contentious in court for a while, particularly over the Montana ranch.  

He reportedly wanted Clarkson to pay for the ranch’s upkeep as the property’s sole owner, which was followed by the the host trying (and losing her bid) to have him evicted. After some legal back and forth, the television personality and ex-husband came to an agreement on the property, so he could leave the ranch and move somewhere else by receiving a percentage of the sale.

Despite the breakup, Kelly Clarkson has said she doesn’t regret everything that led to her divorce. The hardship made her reflect on her marriage, which she felt the situation made her a better person. Of course, the pop star seemed to work out her feelings about her ex-husband through performances on her talk show. After dealing with her feelings, she now seems as if she's on a mission to reclaim her life by changing her name.

Kelly Brianne has a full life with her children, friends, and a seemingly non-stop career. She's been hinting at upcoming music while getting ready to co-host NBC’s American Song Contest with Snoop Dogg. Of course, viewers can catch up with the television personality daily on The Kelly Clarkson Show. If you want to see what else the OG American Idol star is up to, check out our 2022 TV schedule to find out where she’ll pop up next.

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