Kim Kardashian Addresses Whether Or Not She Should Be Hosting SNL After Debra Messing Drama

If you're on Twitter as much as the average CinemaBlend writer, you may remember the online drama that emerged when Will and Grace star Debra Messing called out reality television star Kim Kardashian for taking a Saturday Night Live hosting gig. With Kim Kardashian’s SNL episode only a few days away, the reality star and social media mogul appeared in a series of promos to address whether or not she should actually be hosting the show. So, how does Kim Kardashian actually feel about the job?

After Debra Messing called out Kim Kardashian for taking an SNL hosting job without actual acting experience, many online fans were concerned about Kim K’s credentials. Would a reality star turned businesswoman have the comedic know-how to carry a full episode of sketches? If Kim Kardashian’s confidence in her SNL promo videos on is any indication, the SKIMS founder should be just fine. 

In a short series of promo videos for her episode, Kim Kardashian looked as poised and Instagram-ready as ever. Sporting a glistening salon blowout and what appeared to be a Balenciaga crushed velvet top (with, of course, gloves attached to the sleeves), she humorously brushed off Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong’s concerns about nerves. 

"Kim K: Hi, Kim Kardashian West and I’m hosting SNL this week with Halsey.
Cecily Strong: So Kim, are you nervous about doing sketch comedy? 
Kim: Why? I don’t have to write sketches do I? 
Cecily: No. 
Kim: Memorize lines? 
Halsey: No, they’re on cue cards. 
Kim: Everyone else won’t look as good as me, will they? 
Cecily: No, absolutely not. 
Kim: This is so easy. 
Cecily: Yeah, well I guess it is. "

You can check out the full promo below: 

No writing, line-memorizing, or better-looking co-stars? This episode should be a breeze. By poking fun at her own lack of experience, Kim Kardashian proved she at least has a sense of humor. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

In fact, plenty of non-actors have hosted Saturday Night Live, including athletes, politicians, and musicians. Some of them have even gone on to host multiple times, like former NBA star Charles Barkley. For all we know, Kim Kardashian could do so well that she becomes an SNL regular. At the very least, her appearance should generate some hilarious parodies of the Kardashian clan - fingers crossed for a redux of ‘Waking Up With Kimye’ with the actual Kim K. 

Kim Kardashian will host Saturday Night Live on October 9, 2021 at 11:30 pm EST. She’ll be joined by musical guest Halsey, who just released her fourth studio album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power alongside an accompanying short film on HBO Max. Past episodes of Saturday Night Live are available to stream now on Hulu and Peacock. 

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