Lacey Chabert Shares Touching Story About What Is ‘Most Rewarding’ About Working For Hallmark

Lacey Chabert In promo for The Christmas Waltz.
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Lacey Chabert may have been popular early on in her career for roles in TV dramas like Party of Five and, of course, being one of the main cast members in the iconic comedy Mean Girls. These days, though, she’s certainly far more synonymous with Hallmark than anything else. The star of such recent classics as 2022’s The Wedding Veil and 2020’s popular The Christmas Waltz opened up about her work for the cabler, sharing the story of how fans have really spurred her to keep going with the channel. She also detailed what’s “most rewarding” about the work. 

Chabert is a self-proclaimed Christmas lover, so her work at Hallmark definitely makes sense. However, she also shared that she’s really stuck around the network for more than 30 movies at this point thanks to the fans. She revealed the "most rewarding” part of starring in the network movies is that they help people who in turn share their stories with her. 

I think the thing that has become the most rewarding for me and being a part of these movies is when I meet people, the common thread is always, 'Thanks for doing something that’s uplifting Those movies helped me while I was recovering from surgery or going through a difficult time in life.' At this point, I kind of consider it an honor to be a part of bringing some goodness into the world.

Speaking as part of a longer Forbes profile, Lacey Chabert also shared that even though she’s done myriad Hallmark Christmas movies her goal is never to simply do the same thing over and over again. 

My biggest motivation or desire in this coming year is to tell deeper stories. I take it seriously the responsibility that I try to make each movie better than the last. I put my whole heart into it. I mean, it keeps me up at night if I don’t feel like we’ve made the best possible movie we could have and I think the audience deserves that. I mean especially 2022 - we’ve all been through a lot and I think to be able to turn your TV on and know that you’re going to watch something that is just going to leave you with a good feeling is priceless.

This is probably why she recently starred in a trilogy of movies opposite Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney. The Wedding Veil trilogy star formerly said it had been a “longtime dream” to create a series of movies for the network. Chabert worked and worked for the trilogy and finally signed on just before Covid-19 hit. Ultimately, it all came together, but it took some time. Meanwhile, alongside acting in the films, in recent years the actress has also branched out as a producer. So, she’s really all-in on expanding this type of content and trying new things that will hopefully continue to touch the fans. 

While certain Hallmark stars have been leaving the network for rival GAC in recent months, Lacey Chabert simply says she is “grateful for the opportunity” that Hallmark has given her in recent. There’s more to come from her too. In February, Lacey Chabert signed another overall deal with the cabler for multiple pictures, both of the producing and starring variety. 

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