Maybe Blake Shelton Is Sticking Around The Voice Longer Than We Thought

Blake Shelton poses with his Win Came frame on The Voice.
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There’s been a lot of chatter over the past couple of seasons of The Voice regarding how much longer the last remaining original coach — country superstar Blake Shelton — would continue fronting the NBC singing competition. The show, along with Shelton and host Carson Daly, celebrated its 500th episode as Season 21 moved into the live episodes. That’s a whole lot of work in the past 10 years for a singer who’s still releasing albums, touring, and, oh yeah, getting married. But is the end actually nigh?

It's certainly likely that Blake Shelton has more Voice episodes behind him than in front of him — the cowboy even saying as much in April on Today with Hoda and Jenna — but in a new interview with E’s Daily Pop, Shelton non-specifically implied his reign may continue for years to come. When asked if he was going to keep on keeping on, or if he’d considered retiring his spot in the Big Red Chairs, Shelton's response indicated there’s one change The Voice is making that might just keep him around longer than we thought.

I don’t know, I mean something’s got to give at some point. I’m running out of advice. The fact that we’re going to one season a year next year really helps me a lot, because now I can, you know, watch the Home Shopping Network, all that stuff, and really learn how to resell myself again.

Blake Shelton has somehow continued his music career even while filming two seasons of The Voice a year. Now that The Voice is moving to one season per year, Shelton will at least have more time to pursue other projects, such as spending time with his new wife Gwen Stefani or, hey, just lounging out and watching the Home Shopping Network. The man deserves some down time for sure! And while we know the HSN thing was (probably) a joke, if Shelton is thinking about new ways to sell himself on TV, that doesn't sound like a man who's ready to hang up his cowboy hat.

Prior to The Voice’s filming schedule change, it looked like Blake Shelton was ready to wind down. Aside from telling Today that the end was “not too far down the road” and that another 10 years as coach would be way too many, Shelton also has found himself at odds with some aspects of The Voice in recent seasons, especially fans’ reactions to his feedback of the contestants.

In Season 20, Blake Shelton took heat after complimenting a member of Kelly Clarkson’s team, and responded with obvious frustration that “being honest on this show does not pay off.” In the current season, Shelton said he’d probably be in hot water again after he appeared to play favorites with his team member Wendy Moten, saying that after 21 seasons, “There is nobody I want this more for — ever — than you.” Not for nothing, Shelton’s former Voice nemesis Adam Levine left the show after receiving backlash for trying to solicit votes for one member of his team at the expense of another Team Adam singer.

But viewers have seen a kinder, gentler side of Blake Shelton in Season 21. His feuds with Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande have stayed good-natured — unlike some of the jabs he’s exchanged with Adam Levine — and Shelton has credited Gwen Stefani with making him “softer.” So maybe the break in filming, combined with more time alongside his superstar wife, is just the vacation our favorite cowboy needs to re-energize himself for another 21 seasons of The Voice. Or, you know, less than that.

NBC's The Voice continues with its Top 13 Live Performance show on Monday, November 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to check out our 2021 TV Schedule for all of the upcoming premieres through the end of the year. 

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