Days After F-Bombing The Voice's Blake Shelton, Adam Levine Totally Flubbed Maroon 5 Hit On Stage

Adam Levine tries to look cool in a Hawaiian shirt on The Voice

Blake Shelton will surely have something to say about this! Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was caught on video at a recent concert flubbing the lyrics to one of the band’s earliest hits, “She Will Be Loved.” Levine, who has a storied rivalry with his former Voice co-star Blake Shelton, has continued to taunt the country superstar since leaving the show, with the most recent example showing him tossing an F-bomb at Shelton just days before Levine's on-stage slip-up.

TMZ posted a video showing Adam Levine on stage with Maroon 5 singing their 2004 hit “She Will Be Loved.” In the middle of the first verse of the song, Levine began singing the second verse. He stopped and looked at his guitarist before continuing with the second verse. He then stopped singing altogether when he realized what he’d done:

You know what? I fucked up. Hold on. I fucked up. Oh my God! I sang the sec— okay wait, check it out. I love this so much. All right, you guys, I have never done that before. For twenty fucking years I’ve been singing this song, for twenty years. Twenty years! This next year will be the twenty-year anniversary of our first album. And I have not one time fucked that up.

Maroon 5’s first studio album, Songs About Jane, was released in 2002, with “She Will Be Loved” being one of five singles released. I’m sure the words to all of those hits come easily for Adam Levine since he's played them hundreds if not thousands of times in the last twenty years, so his disbelief that he sang the wrong verse is understandable. Not to mention, the crowd went right along with him, singing along with the second verse — which Levine was quick to point out to his amused fans:

And it’s funny because I didn’t even need to admit it because you guys came with me on the journey. … You guys were like, ‘Fuck it, I guess he’s gonna go there.' And I want you to know, that was not planned. It was a complete mistake. I stand by my mistakes, ladies and gentlemen. Wow!

Adam Levine then picked up the song and continued with the correct lyrics. It was a pretty funny and humbling moment for the rock star, who could probably stand to be taken down a few pegs, if recent events are any indication. The gaffe came just a few days after a fan tweeted a video that showed Levine taunting his former Voice co-star and forever rival Blake Shelton over their respective tours’ ticket sales. Check out Levine’s cocky call-out below.

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While Adam Levine left The Voice in 2019, he has continued to (good-naturedly?) call out Blake Shelton even though they’re no longer going head-to-head on the singing competition. When Shelton got married to Gwen Stefani in July, Levine and others from the couple’s Voice family were not invited. Levine returned to The Voice stage in Season 20 to perform with Maroon 5, but the former coach has said he has no interest in returning to the Big Red Chairs.

Season 21 of The Voice is set to kick off next month, with Ariana Grande joining the coaching mix, along with four superstars to assist as Battle Advisors. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET September 20 on NBC, and be sure to check out our 2021 Fall TV schedule to keep up with the upcoming premieres of all your favorite shows.

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