Blake Shelton Says Marriage Has Changed Him After He’s Weirdly Nice To Ariana Grande On The Voice

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Blake Shelton’s wedding to Gwen Stefani finally took place over the summer as the two music superstars had a small intimate affair. As joyous as the occasion was, it received some backlash from non-invited family and friends, including his Voice family. Of course, his Voice cohorts clearly understood his decision. He wanted to start his life as a newlywed, which new coach Ariana Grande is familiar with. While the same ol’ Shelton showed up to the competition series, his callous demeanor may be softening after marrying Stefani. A moment between him and Grande on The Voice may have proven marriage can change anyone.

During the first episode of the Battle rounds, Blake Shelton showed a rare moment of sensitivity as the coaches had to choose which contestants move on to the Knockouts. Knowing it was Ariana Grande’s first season he decided to give the pop superstar some tissues for what an emotional day it could be. During the moment, The Voice veteran said to the newcomer:

I've been thinkin' about you. After this season you won't ever need these again. You'll get over it. You'll become callous like us three.

After displaying a moment of softness, Blake Shelton’s fellow coaches couldn’t believe the incident took place. Ariana Grande was stunned as she called the surprising exchange “sweet.” Being the resident curmudgeon, Shelton had to make a joke about his marriage affecting his Voice tactics.

Look, I'm married now. I'm soft. I'm getting softer.

Most of Season 21 has seen Blake Shelton being his braggadocio self, but his exchange with Ariana Grande gave viewers a peek into a softer Shelton. That’s what enjoying wedded bliss can evidently do to a person! Before the Grande moment, Shelton’s softer side had popped up a few times while dating Gwen Stefani. Being married to her just cemented the mellower side of the country superstar. The interaction between Shelton and Grande is a stark contrast to those replacement rumors.

Before The Voice Season 21 even premiered, there were talks of Ariana Grande being more than just a replacement for Nick Jonas. She was seen as an effort to push Blake Shelton out of his coaching chair. Of course, the two coaches caught wind of the rumors, playing it up on social media. But the topic of the Voice veteran leaving the show isn’t a new one. He has even hinted at leaving the NBC competition. Shelton pointed to starting a family with Gwen Stefani as a probable reason. Only time will tell if the last original judge will leave the series.

Blake Shelton’s soft spot for Ariana Grande has played out for weeks on The Voice. So, this tender moment showed just how married life has changed the entertainer. The competition series is currently airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm on NBC.

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