Melissa Rauch Shares Funny The Big Bang Theory Detail You Probably Never Noticed While Watching

Melissa Rauch in screenshot from scene with Howard in The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch is a notably small human. Entire articles are dedicated to the fact that she is reportedly only 4’11” in height. Being short compared to the average population can have its challenges, and that’s true even if you are one of the highest paid actresses on one of the most popular network sitcoms. In fact, the actress recently shared a story about the Chuck Lorre series that involved her height. I’m willing to bet it’s something you never noticed. 

Whilst playing Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, the series liked to use a lot of the same setups when the characters would hang out. A lot of these setups involved couches -- particularly the couch in Sheldon’s apartment. Apparently, these couch setups were way more awkward than you might guess, given the super deep seating arrangemenst. So for someone with short legs like Rauch, it could often spell disaster:

I would say, fun fact, the couch that we were sitting on for someone who is my size, was very hard to get in and out of. Because it was very deep and I’m -- I mean I look very tall and stately on this Zoom -- but I’m about 5 feet so every time I’d sit back my legs would just go up. So they’d always have to, I was like propped up with pillows at all times! And if I wasn’t, I would need like a hoist to get me up. So often if you look closely you can see just a HUGE amount of pillows that are propping me up.

Melissa Rauch recently had a full interview with Cafe Mom’s Momtourage podcast in which she talked all things motherhood and The Big Bang Theory. It was when the latter subject came up that she mentioned her height-related couch issues. Honestly, I’d never noticed before, but now I can’t unsee it. Here’s Melissa Rauch with pillows perched behind her on one couch. 

The leading ladies on the big bang theory couch

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It sounds like the couch thing was a consistent problem with Rauch, no matter which couch fans were looking at. Apparently, another tact the show seems to have used was to to perch Melissa Rauch beside the more famous couch on varying occasions. If she'd sat back on that couch, she’d likely be in one of those uncomfortable positions where her feet just dangled awkwardly like a small child’s. (As someone who is also not particularly tall, I’ve been there, and don’t care to repeat the experience.)

Melissa Rauch, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and co. on The Big Bang Theory Couch

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Spending time around couches was clearly an important way to frame hangout scenes on the long-running sitcom. Yet, now that I'm really looking carefully, no one looks particularly comfortable in these photos. Jim Parsons, who is a reported 6’1”, looks a little crowded here and the whole gang has to fit into the framed shot. I guess we can blame Sheldon and the writers who concocted his penchant for needing to sit in the exact same spot on the couch for any discomfort over the years.

As for other couch-related facts from The Big Bang Theory, prominently the cast was often seen eating around the couch. Apparently, that wasn’t just for show, either, and the sitcom took care to make sure some of the best takeout in the area was delivered to Sheldon, Penny, Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette. 

The Big Bang Theory’s final episode aired in 2019, but a couple of years later, some fun new tidbits continue to roll out related to the show. It’s no real surprise. The sitcom was wildly popular throughout its run, and went off the air only after Jim Parsons wanted to step back (rather than from the major ratings decline some aging shows face). Fans will likely continue to be invested in what the cast has to say for years, and we’ll be sure to bring you any other fun new details and Easter eggs that come our way. 

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