Miley Cyrus Goes All Out For Photo Shoot Including A Giant Mound Of Bananas, Topless Shots And Chocolate

When it comes to celebrities who like to entertain not just with raw talent, but also a unique sense of fun, DGAF silliness and also possibly partial nudity, Miley Cyrus takes the cake as well as the table under it. It's something she's showcased time and again over the years, most recently for a magazine photoshoot that involved a giant piece of chocolate, a ton of bananas and some far more candid imagery.

Miley Cyrus shared looks from a photoshoot she took part in for the magazine Interview, for which she was interviewed by Lars Ulrich of Metallica. That pairing alone might have been the zaniest element from some other publication, but in this case, the two musicians' intriguing conversation was complemented by colorfully alluring and risqué imagery that it totally Miley-esque. Note that the video that Cyrus shared, seen below, is technically safe for work, though the link to the interview itself does contain nudity. 

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As noted in the caption, this wet, wild and snack-tastic photoshoot took place on Miley Cyrus' farm in Nashville. While she also quotes Forrest Gump in the caption, I think we can all agree that Tom Hanks' simpleton character would have lost his damned mind had he been privy to Cyrus' nipples. So would Mrs. Gump, but in a completely different way.

This looks like it would have been quite the fun shoot to take part in. I would love it if Miley Cyrus just happened to have 300 bananas lying around that needed to be used somehow. On the flip side, I don't necessarily doubt that she had a giant candy bar around. I'd be even more pumped to see a massive box of Nerds, or some gigantic Runts. Even the bananas. 

Below, Miley also shared the cover imagery from the interview, which does include some censored toplessness. 

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Just in case anyone thought that Miley Cyrus' hindquarters weren't getting enough love, she also shared a splendid rear-view "Gucci on my coochie" shot. One can only imagine how her TV counterpart Hannah Montana would react to all this, and whether she would be the kind of person who would also join in on the fun. Or what kind of Gucci is on her father Billy Ray Cyrus'...coochie.

Connecting Miley Cyrus to Metallica is her recent cover of the band's hit "Nothing Else Matters," which is featured on the tribute album The Metallica Blacklist. (Not a spinoff of James Spader's non-metal series.) Her track also features Elton John and Yo-Yo Ma, and sounds amazing. Other artists that cover that same song on the Blacklist album are Darius Rucker, My Morning Jacket, and Chris Stapleton. In a sense, the record is just as unpredictable and out there as Cyrus herself. 

As it goes, Miley Cyrus' career is in constant peak mode, so fans can probably expect more fun from the entertainer throughout the rest of 2021.  

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