Model Ashley Graham Claps Back At Fan's Comment About Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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Pregnancy and motherhood are meant to be a joyous time free of stress and filled with relaxation. Unfortunately, not all women get to experience that pure bliss. This is especially true for celebrities, who typically have to go through the experience in the public eye. This was the case for model and body positivity activist Ashley Graham, who announced her second pregnancy in September. Graham, who is expecting twin boys, seems to be enjoying this time though, unfortunately, one social media commentator made a comment about her stretch marks. But the model wasn’t here for any of it and issued a clap back.

The comment came after the former Sports Illustrated cover girl posted a glimpse of a photoshoot on her Instagram. The model put out a sweet post in which she expressed her love for her unborn babies. It was then that a user mentioned that they had also given birth to twins but did not have stretch marks. The person also stated that they hoped the marks would not "affect your career." With this, the body positivity advocate, who has never minced words, put the commenter on blast on her Instagram Stories by leaving a sarcastic response. Check out her clap back below:

Ashley Graham's post from her Instagram Stories

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Well, I'd say Ashley Graham handled that relatively situation well. Surely such a comment can hurt, but you have to admire that she has no problem defending herself on social media. On the surface, the sentiment appeared to be one of concern but, ultimately, it's still very demeaning. One can only hope the person who shared those thoughts understands that.

Overall, the comment and the clap back represent an even bigger discussion in entertainment – the bounce back. A number of women in Hollywood have called out fans multiple times over unnecessary pregnancy and post-pregnancy comments. That may be the reason why some stars like Scarlett Johansson choose to keep their pregnancies private. Hopefully, as time goes on, such social media commentary will not longer be an issue. At the end of the day, we all need to remember that not all bodies are the same and that every woman experiences pregnancy differently.

Ahead of her most recent pregnancy Ashley Graham and her husband, videographer Justin Ervin, welcomed their first son, Isaac, in January 2020. Needless to say, this a time of true celebration for the growing family and, at this point, the model has not revealed when her babies are due. The two parents are sure to be making plenty of preparations for the new arrivals and, knowing Graham, it's probably a given that there will be plenty of breast milk on hand for the babies (and herself).

If the model does experience anymore criticism, she'll probably just shut it out, though I wouldn't mind seeing her throw out another funny one-liner. Here’s to the model welcoming her twins without any medical complications or negative thoughts from the general public.

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