Mustaches Got Roasted By A Family Feud Contestant, And Steve Harvey’s Reaction Is Priceless

Steve Harvey pretending to be upset on Family Feud
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After so many years of hosting Family Feud, especially during its more bawdy era, Steve Harvey has heard a bonkers assortment of ridiculous answers from contestants, but it’s somewhat rare for the host himself to be the butt of the joke. Enter Chinedu, who didn’t put a whole lot of forethought into her response before dropping a harsh truth bomb onto Harvey’s lap. Or was it his face? Either way it goes, he took a hit in the “mustache pride” department, and followed up with the appropriate reaction. 

Anytime a Family Feud contestant renders Steve Harvey speechless, it’s always worth a watch, and it’s even more enjoyable when the survey itself backs the player’s guess up. That was the case during the clip seen below, which called for Chinedu to “name something that makes a guy look sleazy.” Check the Instagram video out, as shared by the host, but maybe cover your eyes and ears if you also have a mustache and a desire to consider yourself patently un-sleazy. 

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Even before he became known for being a fashion and style mastermind who can somehow pull off any look imaginable, Steve Harvey could instantly be identified by his signature mustache, which gets as much love and attention as anything else in the comedian’s life. (Who else could make stache-trimming videos so worthwhile?) So for the contestant and the 9 surveyed people to throw him into snake pit like that should at least be considered a misdemeanor. I feel like this commenter would be a peer of Harvey’s if that ever went to trial, too.

  • When you got the best stache on TV & this woman rips your soul out 😂 she wrong for doing you like that

Sure, that sounds like hyperbole, but Steve Harvey’s face certainly does read as “devastated” in the most hilarious manner. The way he stumbled over repeating the answer back to Chinedu totally sold it, too. One can assume he expected to hear that as at least one of the answers, but probably not the FIRST one. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, Family Feud dropped another mustache roast on Steve Harvey in a follow-up episode, where the contestants were asked “A woman doesn’t want to kiss a man if he has a what?” I’m pret-ty, pret-ty sure you can figure out which of the board’s six answers earned Harvey’s exaggerated ire. Watch until the end!

There’s no television-infused joy quite like seeing a game show host calling out others while swearing, and Harvey’s “13 ignorant-ass people” comment was perfecto. But are the people surveyed to blame here, or the Family Feud writers who come up with these questions knowing that some of them are going to ruffle Steve Harvey’s upper-lip feathers? I think it’s the second one. 

To see more of Harvey spanning the gamut from amused to flabbergasted, be sure to watch Family Feud airing daily in syndication. Check your local listings to see when and where it’s playing in your area.

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