Watch Family Feud's Steve Harvey Get Hilariously Stumped By Flirty Contestant

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Viewers who tune in regularly for Family Feud will know that it's far from uncommon to come upon an episode which features wild survey questions or somewhat nutty responses from contestants, sometimes even for the most standard queries. Generally speaking, because Steve Harvey is our host with the most for every episode, he rebounds from odd questions and / or answers with the perfect responses, tailor made to keep the laughs going but never derail the show. Recently, though, Harvey was hilariously stumped by a flirty contestant, and watching it happen is simply the best.

We all know that Steve Harvey is an expert at talking to a wide variety of people about a lot of very different topics, both on his own talk show and on Family Feud. But, Harvey couldn't be blamed for being a little sheepish when he was caught off guard by one contestant's super flirtatious response after she nailed a survey answer and Harvey commented on it. Take a look!

WOW. Ms. Zagami ain't playing around, is she? Not only did she immediately nab the number one survey answer for what people would ask Steve Harvey to buy them, but she also had a pretty quick comeback of her own when he came over to her and her family afterwards. Way to go, Grace!

I'm sure Harvey was planning to get the upper hand here, because he seemed very self-assured when he told Grace that they'd "have to be so heavily involved" if he was going to buy her (or anyone, I suppose) something as expensive as a car. As he readily admitted afterwards, though, he was certainly not expecting her to put her hand on his and slyly suggest with an almost-wink and a definite nod, "Well, Steve, you know...We could be." She even threw in a slightly seductive tone to really drive the whole thing home. Are we sure Grace isn't used to being in front of a crowd like this?

I love all of the hoots and hollers that followed her comment as Grace giggled gleefully at her cleverness. Aside from just being fun to listen to, it really does drive home how little true flirtation we get on Family Feud, especially when it comes to such things being directed at Harvey. He copped to being "stumped" by her response, and quickly moved on to her son, Nick, who had, apparently, asked her not to do such things while on TV. Luckily for us, it was already too late by then and we'd all had a good laugh.

Do you think it would be too much for Grace to come back and co-host on occasion, just to shake things up and help make sure we get even more of Steve Harvey looking confused and briefly unsure of what to do next?

We can all see what hilarious wonders are to come on Family Feud, as new shows air every weekday, so be sure to check local listings for the time and channel in your area!

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