Of Course, Ryan Reynolds Has A Really Funny Take On Christopher Meloni's Viral Naked Peloton Ad

Christopher Meloni nude lifting weights in Peloton commercial
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While it’s not an exact science, advertising researchers have been speculating for years that one of the best ways to sell products involves having Law & Order franchise star Christopher Meloni as a nude brand mascot. And one of the first companies to crack that ancient code was the exercise bike company Peloton — as opposed to, say, General Mills, Depends, or Enfamil — which came close to breaking the Internet with by showcasing Meloni’s super-toned bod within a minute-long commercial. To be expected, the ever-viral celeb Ryan Reynolds had something to say about Meloni’s barebacked ad, as he was part of the team that put it together for National Nude Day. 

Having recently teamed up with Nick Cannon for an Aviation Gin ad poking fun at Cannon’s growing fatherhood streak, Ryan Reynolds and his production company Maximum Effort worked with Peloton to bring Chris Meloni’s birthday suit to the masses. But he still had jokes for the Law & Order: Organized Crime star’s musclebound display, sharing the below on Instagram Stories

Christopher Meloni in Peloton ad

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Do we think Ryan Reynolds believes it’s a crime scene since buying a Pelaton exercise bike doesn’t automatically guarantee consumers will receive a copy of Christopher Meloni’s body as a special gift, which is obviously a crime? Well, since that would probably amount to kidnapping charges, I guess that would be the real crime. Laws are hard. 

This Christopher Meloni isn’t quite the same guy that TV fans quickly fell in love with back when Law & Order: SVU’s pilot debuted and kicked off a decades-long fan-shipping effort to see Stabler get with Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson. While that still hasn’t happened yet, the two co-stars are totally adorable BFFs off-screen, and Hargitay probably had a hearty chuckle if and when she caught the Peloton ad after it released. I imagine a number of L&O fans were quick to send it her way. 

Ryan Reynolds also shared a post from Maximum Effort, which featured a behind-the-scenes photo from filming the Peloton commercial. And “behind” is the operative word here, clearly.

Christopher Meloni Peloton ad BTS

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The fun and well-placed ad was shot by director Vincent Peone, a vet of College Humor and the award-winning stop-motion short The Sea Is Blue, and was produced by ArtClass, a production company comprising artists of all capacities. A match made in heaven on all fronts. 

As hardcore Christopher Meloni adorers are probably aware, this isn't the first time that the actor has dropped all or most trou in the name of inspiring others with his stellar physique. In 2021, he was part of a Men's Health feature and photo spread that included his signature hairy pecs, abs, thighs, and wherever else muscles are located. I haven't seen my own in quite a while. 

While not everyone who buys a Peloton bike is going to end up looking like Meloni, the actor certainly represents a life goal, considering there are relatively few 61-year-olds who would be able to pull this off. It certainly seems like Dara Treseder — Peloton's SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Comms & Membership — is as impressed with the ad as anyone. Ryan Reynolds also shared her reaction to the promo.

Christopher Meloni Peloton Ad screenshot

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Would anyone here be surprised if Ryan Reynolds found a way to bring nude Christopher Meloni into Deadpool 3 whenever that finally comes to light? Whoever thinks Naked Stabler isn’t a great superhero gimmick hopefully won’t let the doorknob whack them on the tailbone as they exit posthaste. 

Check out a more fully clothed Christopher Meloni when Law & Order: Organized Crime debuts its third season on NBC on Thursday, September 22, at 10:00 p.m. ET. And head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way. 

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