Nick Cannon Goes All-In On ‘Vasectomy’ With A Little Help From Ryan Reynolds

Nick Cannon in commercial for Aviation Gin
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Here in the year 2022, comedian and The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon is almost as well known for his off-camera lifestyle as he is for being on camera, thanks in part to his ample fertility. Cannon has fathered seven children in the past — including his and Alyssa Scott’s son Zen, who died in late 2021 at just five months old — and has an eighth on the way with model Bre Tiesi. The actor revealed that he’s had a vasectomy consultation in an attempt to curb further world-populating, but he apparently didn’t need to look anywhere beyond Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to have as many vasectomies as he wanted. 

To clarify things, Ryan Reynolds invited Nick Cannon to appear in a new Father’s Day commercial for the former’s liquor brand Aviation Gin, with an emphasis on promoting the cocktail called the Vasectomy. (Which I guess is like the opposite of a Sex on the Beach or a Sloe Screw.) The ad, which is simply titled “Nick Cannon’s Vasectomy,” is on one hand a callback to Aviation’s similar 2021 promo, which featured Reynolds pushing the wordplay-friendly drink by his lonesome, and on the other hand a way to hilariously put the pop culture spotlight on Cannon’s prolific (if mildly controversial) string of conceptions. Check it out!

In the first place, Nick Cannon gets props for being so self-aware and willing to poke fun at himself for his impregnation talents. It’d be a lot less amusing and good-feeling if the TV host weren’t dedicated to caring for all of them, as well as their respective mothers. And not only is the all-around vibe a hoot, but Cannon’s performance (as it were) is so damned amusing to watch, as he keeps a happy smile pasted on his face despite his tone and lines indicating anything but happiness.

Mixologists need not put any studying time behind the new Aviation ad, since Nick Cannon’s bartending skills have taken a backseat to all the feelings that come part and parcel with having children, such as fatigue, frustration, anti-perfectionism, fatigue…wait, I said that one. The moment that best encapsulates that hilarity comes after a bit of spot-on physical comedy (during which Cannon’s tonic water bottle is subject to a fizzy eruption), as he pours the carbonated beverage into the cocktail and utters the sarcasm-dripping line:

So bubbly, just like I feel every day after I wake up from a long, full night’s sleep.

And this wouldn’t be a true Aviation Gin ad if it was ONLY Nick Cannon holding down the fort, so it was no surprise when Ryan Reynolds popped up in the end to put Cannon’s mixing efforts to the test. Which then led to a fabulous spit-take after the Masked Singer host outshined Reynold’s three-children claim by saying he has eight of them. 

Amusingly enough, the aforementioned Bre Tiesi was a fan of Nick Cannon’s Aviation ad, as she shared it on her Instagram Stories with the caption seen below.

Screenshot of Bre Tiesi's Instagram Stories about Nick Cannon gin commercial

(Image credit: Bre Tiesi Instagram)

While I would have assumed that giving men alcohol would likely increase their chances of getting someone (or something?) pregnant, I guess this drink is the exception to the rule. If you pour as much gin into it as Cannon did with his first attempt, you might not make it all the way to the bottom of the glass before passing out from exhaustion. Probably not best to blame that on kids, but if the shoe fits…

Nick Cannon supposedly now has a NINTH child on the way, as DJ Abby De La Rosa shared the news that she’s pregnant anew, almost a year after she gave birth to her and Cannon’s twin sons, Zion and Zillion. So it’s obviously as good a time as any for actual real-life vasectomies to enter the mix. 

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