One Day Before Sentencing, Judge In Josh Duggar Child Pornography Trial Makes Huge Ruling

In the final hours ahead of Josh Duggar’s sentencing for charges related to child pornography, a big decision has been made about his future. After Duggar’s defense team suggested an acquittal or new trial for the case, Judge Timothy L. Brooks issued a huge ruling that may ultimately dash some of the Duggar family’s hopes for leniency

Brooks officially ruled that there was no merit to the request from Josh Duggar’s team that he was deserving of an acquittal or a new trial. A report from Fox 24 noted that the defense requested two oral motions for acquittal and that the judge denied both motions from the bench. 

Later, the defense filed another motion and argued that there was no evidence of “mens rea” that the jury could base its unanimous guilty verdict on. The defense continued with the argument that due to the “alleged failure to timely disclose certain evidence and the Court’s ruling on witness testimony,” a new trial was justified. A previous argument also alleged that because the jury had no evidence that Josh Duggar actually viewed the child pornography, they couldn’t find him guilty. Duggar was found guilty of the charges by a jury back in December of 2021. 

Judge Timothy L. Brooks mentioned in his ruling that there was “ample evidence” that Josh Duggar viewed the child pornography on his work computer and summarized the evidence supported by key witnesses in the case. This included witness testimony that confirmed the pornographic files were viewed on Duggar's work computer and that Duggar was at the workplace at the same time that the images were viewed. 

The defense had also alleged prior that another man, Caleb Williams, might’ve viewed the images instead. The judge noted the trial adequately showed Josh Duggar was the only one present at the dealership when the files were viewed and that the accusations about Williams ultimately led to nothing. Finally, the judge shot down a request related to “failure to disclose certain demonstrative exhibits,” noting that a number of screenshots that were excluded from the trial were “not material to the defense.”

In short, the sentencing will proceed as expected despite the attempts to get the case dismissed, and Josh Duggar will receive his sentence on the two child pornography convictions on Wednesday, May 25. It’s still unknown what sentence will be handed down by the judge, though worth noting that the prosecution wanted the maximum sentence of twenty years in prison, while the defense requested five years. Some legal experts theorize that he’ll get the maximum sentence.

As mentioned, Josh Duggar’s sentencing will happen on Wednesday, May 25. It remains to be seen what legal action might come after, but CinemaBlend will be sure to keep you updated either way. 

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