One Month After Bob Saget's Passing, His Wife Is Reaching Out To Nick Cordero's Wife And Katie Couric, Who Also Lost Their Husbands

Bob Saget’s friends, fans, co-stars and more have celebrated his life and mourned his death over the past several weeks. The number of stories that have come out from co-stars like John Stamos and even stories from acquaintances like Steve Harvey have been memorable and compelling. But the people most affected by the loss of the Full House star are his family, including his wife Kelly Rizzo. One month after Bob’s passing, she reached out to some people who would know what she’s going through: Nick Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots and Katie Couric. 

In a blink-and-you-might-miss it post on Instagram Stories, Kelly Rizzo shared a night out with the gals. But this wasn’t a usual night out. Instead, she spent time with Katie Couric and Amanda Kloots, who both unexpectedly lost their husbands, too. In her post, she talks about “women who have been there and understand,” noting (via People): 

Amanda Kloots, Katie Couric and Kelly Rizzo hang out after Bob Saget's death.

(Image credit: Kelly Rizzo, Instagram Stories)

If you are familiar with Katie Couric’s story, the news anchor lost her husband Jay Monahan back in 1998 after nine years of marriage. Her partner was only 42 at the time and the two shared two children. Couric’s been open over the years about what happened when her husband was sick. She's actually been candid about being “too scared” to deal with what was happening at the time, saying it takes “extraordinary courage” to face death in an interview with People just last year. 

Of course, Amanda Kloots is notable now for starring on The Talk, but her name became known after her husband, Blue Bloods actor and Broadway star Nick Cordero, died following a bout with Covid-19 early on in the pandemic. He was one of the first notable names to pass away of complications arising from the disease, and given he was only 41 at the time of his death, the news was all-the-more striking. It seems that Rizzo and Kloots have been spending some time together in grief support; a separate post shared by The Talk star indicated the two are in a “weird club” one would never hope to be in.

At the time of that post, Rizzo had noted, "If I’m going to be in this club, I’m grateful to have genuine caring people like you by my side."  In fact, though, Amanda Kloots is an open book when it comes to her journey following Nick Cordero’s death. She posts a lot about their son, Elvis, and a post this weekend could just as easily be advice for Bob Saget’s wife as she moves forward. 

Amanda Kloots speaks out about Nick Cordero's death

(Image credit: Amanda Kloots, Instagram Stories)

Given the recent update that Bob Saget was Covid-19 positive and had suffered from head trauma causing an injury that led to his death, Kelly Rizzo doubtless has a little more closure regarding why Saget passed away when he still seemingly had so much verve and energy.

For the Full House actor's wife, the grieving process is just started. Kelly Rizzo has been reminiscing about she and Bob Saget’s relationship and positive memories, particularly this week, as she hit the one-month milestone since news broke that Bob Saget had died at 65. The couple had met back in 2015 and married in 2018; they’d had nearly six years together and she recalled a fondness for Bob living “life to its fullest” and the two of them loving to eat out and try new things together. Having support during these times is crucial and it's nice to see others being there for her during this time.  

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