Nick Cordero's Wife Shares Adorable Video Of Son Saying First Words After Father's Death

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Nick Cordero’s battle with COVID-19 was a story that caught the attention of many in Hollywood. Unfortunately, his months-long bout with the virus came to a tragic end, but many people across the industry have since come together to pay tribute to him and rally around his loved ones. His wife, Amanda Kloots, was very candid about her husband’s struggles and never hesitated to share the highs and lows. Following his death, she’s chosen to keep an optimistic mindset and, in keeping with that spirit, she’s now shared a video of their son saying his first words.

Amanda Kloots took to Instagram to express her excitement about her and Nick Cordero’s son Elvis saying his first words. In the video she shared, Elvis spots a picture of his late father and, when asked where his “dada” is, he appears to say, “right there.” You can check out the adorable clip for yourself down below:

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As Amanda Kloots mentions, the fact that young Elvis can still recognize his father, without having seen him in months, is remarkable. And there’s something incredibly special about the fact that it was his memory of his father that apparently led to his first words. It honestly just makes the young boy’s milestone all the more bittersweet.

In the weeks following her husband’s death, Amanda Kloots has taken the time to update the public on the state of her family. She used one Instagram post to detail the memorial service that was held for Nick Cordero and, based on her description, it was a more than fitting celebration of life.

Kloots has also shared a number of memories of her husband through some heartfelt videos. The videos, which were both made by Kloots’ sister, highlighted the couple’s extended family and chronicled their relationship from the very beginning.

As mentioned, Amanda Kloots has also opened up about what life is now like for her and young Elvis, as they move forward. She’s admitted that the prospect of moving on without her husband is scary. Nevertheless, she’s found strength in her husband’s memory and believes that he’s routing for her and their son to succeed and power through their new reality.

Elvis Cordero’s first words are one of the memories that Amanda Kloots will have to experience without Nick Cordero, and it goes without saying that she would have preferred for him to be there when it happened. Regardless, Kloots doesn’t seem to be letting the negatives weigh her down.

It’s going to take time for Amanda Kloots and Elvis to adjust to things, but they seem to be going strong so far. And let’s hope that things stay positive for them as they continue to move forward.

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