One Way Bob's Burgers Is Probably Changing After The Events The Movie

The Belcher family crowds around a computer in Bob's Burgers.
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Movie events like The Bob’s Burgers Movie don’t always crossover into the continuity of the series they spawn from. While there might be some easter eggs here and there, you can usually set something like the still unsequelized Simpsons Movie aside from the 15 years of episodes that came after it. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Fox’s other animated favorite, as Bob’s Burgers is about to kick off its part of the 2022 TV schedule, and Season 13 seems to have a pretty big change in store from the word go.

During the panel covering Bob’s Burgers at Disney’s D23 event this year, there were some clips released from the upcoming new season. Showing moments of the Belcher family being their quirky best, the adventures of this short order family are as fresh as they’ve ever been.

However, that’s not all that was apparently revealed, as Bob’s Burgers/The Great North fan site From North to Wharf apparently clipped out a brand new intro for Season 13. There are no major spoilers for The Bob’s Burgers Movie, but the changed intro shown below is going to play much better if you at least know the film’s plot: 

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That’s right: Bob’s Burgers has now had it’s official “Grand Re-Re-Re-Re opening,” adding to the history of mishaps that have shut down the Belcher family business. In light of what happened in The Bob’s Burgers Movie, it makes absolute sense that this would be added to the opening. The long awaited big screen adaptation found room to include some fan favorite Bob’s Burgers characters we hoped would appear in the film.

It’s easy to take an opening credits sequence for granted when you’ve run for as many seasons as Bob’s Burgers has. Aside from upgrading things like the animation and the theme song, there’s been no visual change to the opening since the series started. Thanks to the sinkhole doing what it did, here’s the full history of the reasons Bob’s Burgers has closed down, up to the Season 13 premiere: 

  • Grand Opening - a grease fire
  • Grand Re-opening - massive rat infestation
  • Grand Re-Re-opening - a car crash/downed power line
  • Grand Re-Re-Re-opening - gigantic sinkhole, leading to an intriguing murder mystery

Critical reviews for The Bob’s Burgers Movie noted that this cinematic spectacle didn’t really change all that much when it came to the show’s DNA. The same sort of good-natured goofiness and musical shenanigans came to play as Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, and Gene blew up to cinematic proportions. 

Knowing that bridge runs both ways, it’ll be exciting to see how Bob’s Burgers works in more of the aftermath of the sinkhole incident, in Season 13 and beyond. Even with merely a changed opening credits sequence, it’s enough to show why the Belchers beat the Simpsons for the title of the better animated family.

Whether you want to catch up on The Bob’s Burgers Movie, or refresh your knowledge of the 12 previous seasons from its source, you’re in luck. A Hulu subscription is all you’ll need to serve up those hot and fresh reruns straight to your eyes. Meanwhile, Season 13 of Bob's Burgers starts this Sunday, September 25th, at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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