Pete Davidson And Taylor Swift Teamed Up To Roast Three Sad Virgins On SNL

Taylor Swift singing during an SNL sketch.
(Image credit: Saturday Night Live/ NBC)

SNL’s new comedy group Please Don’t Destroy made their debut earlier this season, and the trio has been cranking out fun videos ever since. This week, they jacked their supporting cast star power way up by bringing along Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift for a video in which, well, the two mega-celebrities absolutely roasted them. The resulting song called “Three Sad Virgins” starts with Davidson commenting on his own tabloid status before switching gears and roasting his only non-famous friends: the sad virgins in the title.

The rambling and fun song also talks about Dune before introducing Taylor Swift near the end who does not hold back on the sad virgins. You can watch the video below…

Response to the song was quite strong on social media with clips running around amongst both Saturday Night Live fans and Swifties. There were also more than a few people commenting on how good the song itself actually sounds, which is something The Lonely Island did quite well during their time cranking out comedy songs on the late night show. It’s obviously a little early to draw real comparisons between Please Don’t Destroy and The Lonely Island, but it is fair to say there’s some similarities there and the early work has been really strong, especially that Hard Seltzer sketch.

Joining forces with Pete Davidson is also always a good idea, and it was nice to see him be able to comment on his personal life a little bit here. He’s been the subject of so much tabloid gossip over the past few years thanks to his relationships with various famous women. That’s really kicked into a new gear the past few weeks, however, after the comedian was linked to Kim Kardashian. The reality star hosted SNL a few weeks ago, and they apparently hit it off, which should be good fodder for comedy moving forward.

And of course anytime you can do a song with Taylor Swift, you have to take advantage of that. The mega-star really dove in here and just went with it, which is always the key to doing good work on SNL. The celebrities that do the best job are rarely the ones that are naturally the funniest or the most experienced. The best ones are the people who just jump in and go with it without any reservations or concerns, which she was able to do during her hosting gig too

Saturday Night Live has been in the midst of an exciting stretch of hosts lately with the aforementioned Kardashian, along with other exciting guests like Rami Malek, Kieran Culkin, Jonathan Majors and former cast member Jason Sudeikis. Next week the amazing run of SNL hosts will continue with Shang-Chi star Simu Liu who has been very open about how excited he is. No word yet on whether he’ll work with Please Don’t Destroy. Fingers crossed. 

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