Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Were Recently Spotted Holding Hands, And The Internet Has Thoughts

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The celebrity dating world is a bit bewildering this year, isn't it? Exes like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are giving it another try. A few couplings, in fact, are seemingly too mismatched for the mind to comprehend. In particular, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian being spotted holding hands is certainly raising some eyebrows – on the Internet, that is.

People obtained the photos of the two stars hand-holding incident. Apparently, the two were at Knott's Scary Farm in California on Friday night, along with Kourtney Kardashian and her new fiancé, Travis Barker. The images showed Kim and Pete Davidson clinging to each other for dear life while on a rollercoaster ride. According to their source, though, it was just a group hang going on.

But not according to the Internet. Some believe that the hand-holding is a sign that the two are actually dating. The pair were in a skit together just a few weeks ago when the reality star hosted Saturday Night Live. They portrayed Disney's Aladdin and Jasmine having some sort of sexual inadequacy problem that ultimately ended with a lil' on-screen mooch between them. And evidently, some on Twitter think them dating in real life isn't the worst thing in the world. See this fan’s slightly embarrassed reaction:

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With the divorce from Kanye West ongoing, Kim Kardashian is all but officially a single woman. She's been making an effort to seemingly still be friends with the father of their four kids in the interim. But it was also speculated that they might be trying to work things out, which is why some find the friend date with the SNL cast member a little unexpected:

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However, the comedian is reportedly friends with Travis Barker, which might explain why he was hanging out with the group this Halloween weekend. But nevertheless, some spectators online are left dumbfounded by his being able to touch the royal Kardashian hand. Check out this reaction:

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The sighting has also inevitably led to some comparisons. Pete Davidson’s tattooed, grungy mystique reminds many of both his close friend, Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Barker. All of their companions/girlfriends/fiancées (Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian, respectively) also all appear physically similar. It's the classic pretty girl/slacker combination that everyone is seeing with the six of them. In one Twitter fan’s view, it's giving some vibes. They wrote:

pete davidson, kim kardashian, kourtney kardashian, travis barker, megan fox & mgk give me that ‘group of friends in high school who all just cycle through dating each other vibe

Some are even suggesting that there must be something about Pete Davidson, specifically. He was previously engaged to Ariana Grande (who hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016), and one Twitter fan joked that after the Kardashian hand-holding, hosting at SNL must be a “gateway drug” to dating Davidson himself. Another fan hilariously posted:

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It's a dog-eat-dog dating world out there, even for the rich and famous. Fans are still divided whether Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s thing, whatever it is, is just too strange to be real or a promising prospect.

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