Pete Davidson Crashed The NFL Pro Bowl And Sent Twitter Into Confused Spiral (But Kudos On The '69' Joke)

Pete Davidson, whether it's fair or not, is one of the most polarizing figures in Hollywood. He's managed to stay in the spotlight with numerous projects following his exit from Saturday Night Live, and that is in no small part due to occasionally making headlines by dating high-profile celebrities and earning the ire of their ex-husbands. So, when Davidson was present at the NFL's Pro Bowl as a special guest, of course, many on the internet felt a certain way about him and the "69" joke that was heard around Twitter. 

For those that didn't tune in, Pete Davidson's shining highlight of the Pro Bowl happened during the judging portion of Skills Showdown. Davidson, alongside Snoop Dogg and others, was tasked with judging the best catch. When the scores came down, Davidson couldn't help but turn the whole event into one big sex joke with his score: 

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One could argue that Pete Davidson isn't taking his job as the judge at the Pro Bowl seriously. At the same time, the Pro Bowl is a time for fun, and Davidson made a skills competition super viral by using his comedic chops in an obvious way. 

How you feel about the bit really depends on how you feel about the actor, and of course, there was no shortage of opinions about Pete Davidson at the NFL's Pro Bowl. Some were all on board with seeing Kim Kardashian's ex at the event and found the whole "69" joke hilarious: 

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That's high praise, but Pete Davidson is like The Force in Star Wars. In order to seek and restore balance, Dark will rise to meet Light, and similarly, the haters were out in full force against the comedian. Some couldn't even contain their rage in front of their loved ones, and had to carry on about it while watching:

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For all the positive and negative comments, however, there were some that were just curious. Pete Davidson doesn't really have a meaningful connection to the Super Bowl, so why exactly did he have such a heavy role in the Pro Bowl? For all the negativity online, there were also a lot of people asking the most obvious question surrounding this: 

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It's a fair question. While there's probably a real answer to that tied to his star power and drawing eyes to an event scrutinized for its lack of relevance in recent years, there's also a funny joke here to make. Some decided that Pete Davidson rolled up to the event in search of a new girlfriend, and maybe even one that used to be married to a certain former Super Bowl champion and is now on the market:

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Pete Davidson has been a part of so many weird headlines, I'm not even sure a feud with Tom Brady would move the needle much further these days. With that said, it's good to see he had so much fun at the Pro Bowl and was able to make at least some of the internet laugh while absolutely enraging others. 

We're still waiting on the release of Pete Davidson's Bupkis on Peacock, so be ready for its arrival on the 2023 TV Schedule. Until then, let's embrace this new era of "bald Pete Davidson" and be excited for what the future holds. 

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