Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Feud Between Erika Jayne And Garcelle Beauvais Is Escalating, Even After Season 12 Wrapped

screenshots of Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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For some time now, reports have claimed that all is not well between Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais. There was talk of an Aspen cast trip gone bad amidst filming Season 12 of their show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, back in January. Not long after that, the two notably unfollowed each other on social media, with Beauvais stating at the time that there was something she “didn’t really align with” on her co-star’s Instagram feed. The feud is escalating further of late, even with production for the season having officially wrapped.

A back-and-forth erupted just a few days ago in the wake of Garcelle Beauvais seemingly throwing some metaphorical gasoline onto the fire. The former co-host of a recently canceled talk show had borrowed a clip from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 12 trailer – where she tells Erika Jayne that she makes herself “look bad” – to help promote her memoir on Instagram. See it here:

The reactions were swift, with co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff commenting, “I’m dead,” and Sutton Stracke saying that her co-star has serious balls for making the move. But they were all topped when Erika Jayne took to her Instagram stories, via Us Weekly, with a shady declaration of her own. The reality star was seen throwing her co-star's memoir in the trash and taunting her by remarking, “Garcelle, even though you unfollowed me I’m sure you’ll see this.”

The headline-making move prompted a lot of questions from the fanbase, which the legally embattled star decided to respond to on Twitter. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was very clear in one tweet that Garcelle Beauvais’ prior post for her book was the impetus for why it went in the bin. Apparently, she thinks the lawsuits currently aimed in her direction in connection to her ex-husband should be off limits, saying:

No need to use my name or very complicated legal and personal problems to sell her book. She has enough friends to help her..

The shots kept on coming, too. The singer lamented the fact that her castmate had evidently “trashed” Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Rinna’s daughter, Amelia, in her memoir. The former Broadway star also reflected, perhaps jokingly, that her co-star should cut her a check for using her notoriety as promotion or, otherwise, “use your famous friends” to do so.

The reason for the latest in the Bravo beef is pretty clear, but what isn’t clear is how it really started in the first place. Some speculation has it that Erika Jayne still holds a grudge after last season, during which Garcelle Beauvais brought up personal details on-camera that ultimately resulted in a major blowup between Jayne and even the producers. They had squashed things at the last reunion, yet judging by what’s to come in Season 12, perhaps the hatchet isn’t quite buried as we thought.

Feuds within the Real Housewives franchise occur so often, though, it’s hard to tell sometimes if we’re talking DEFCON-1 or DEFCON-2 in level of severity. We’ll find out how deep the bad blood actually goes between Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais when Beverly Hills drops Season 12 on Bravo, May 11 at 8 p.m. EST, as part of the 2022 TV schedule.

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