Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice Reveals How She Feels About Joe And Melissa Gorga Not Attending Her Wedding

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Bravo fans have seen a few weddings (and a number of failed vow renewals) on the Real Housewives franchise over the last nearly 20 years on air. Yet none of them will seemingly compare to the over-the-top nuptials of New Jersey alum Teresa Giudice and her beau, Luis Ruelas that took place on August 6th. The jaw-dropping cake was one thing, but Giudice’s $10,000 wedding hair is what really got the Internet talking. To top it off, it was revealed that her brother Joe and his wife/her co-star, Melissa Gorga, refused to attend the event. And the bride is finally speaking out about her feelings on the matter.

The word on the street is that while the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast had been filming the Season 13 finale, Teresa Giudice supposedly accused Melissa Gorga of cheating on Joe. It’s a pretty wild allegation, but one that isn’t too far-fetched if we consider the in-laws’ tense history on the show. (They famously feuded in the early seasons over Giudice accusing Gorga of being a prostitute.) Speaking on her newly launched podcast, aptly named Namaste B$tches, the 50-year-old newlywed didn’t seem upset in the slightest about her family’s absence on her big day. She said:

I found out a few days before my wedding that they weren't coming, and I'm totally fine with it. You'll see it play out on TV... The way that everything played out with my wedding, everything that happened is the way it was supposed to be. I'm all about that. I'm all about good energy, and whoever wanted to be at my wedding was there.

Basically, the TV personality is saying that Joe and Melissa Gorga didn’t have “good energy,” right? Hence why it was no biggie that they missed out on her wedding extravaganza? Which is interesting because Teresa Giudice is usually always about proclaiming “family, family, family” and sticking together with one’s “blood” no matter what. So I don’t know about y’all, but I’m still sensing another major Giudice-Gorga beef on the horizon.

The star didn’t give away any spoilers about the exact details coming up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We know that the Luis Ruelas wedding itself wasn’t filmed for Season 13, only the days leading up to it. And like the consummate reality TV star that she is, the new bride doubled down on not getting into the storylines, per contractual obligations, saying:

You'll see it the way it plays out on TV, so I can't really say much on that.

For his part, Joe Gorga appeared to be cryptically alluding to the family issues on his Instagram around the same time the news broke of his noted absence. He hinted at someone he loved hurting him, despite him trying to be understanding, about not feeling understood in return, and this week, he posted a hilarious sun-tanning selfie with the caption, “Disagreements are fine. Disrespect is not.”

Again, he didn’t directly mention his sister in those posts. However, both him and his wife eventually did on the latter’s own podcast, Melissa Gorga On Display. On it, the couple confirmed that missing the wedding was indeed tied up in the Season 13 finale debacle, although they added as well that the whole story wasn’t made public yet.

Still, the remarks from their podcast – to include calling out the situation with Teresa Giudice as “toxic” and hinting about needing to “walk away” after someone’s “aggression” in the finale – prompted a ton of speculation that Melissa Gorga might be exiting the reality series for good, as a result. Gorga later clarified on her Instagram that she has “no plans,” at present, to leave.

So Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (which is expected for a release on Bravo in 2023) theoretically won't be the star's last. But what goes down between her and recently wed sister-in-law Teresa Giudice remains to be seen For now, catch up on what other shows are still to come on the remaining 2022 TV schedule!

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