Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Reveals A+ Veronica Prop She Scored

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TV cancellations were plentiful in 2022 were brutal, but 2023 will also mark the end of a number of notable shows. One such series that's coming to an end is The CW’s Riverdale, (and yes, it is still on). With that, the cast and crew will soon be saying their goodbyes and possibly even grabbing momentos from the set before they finish their work. To that point, Camila Mendes is opening up about the A+ prop that she's already made off with.

It’s not unusual for an actor to take something from the set of a movie or show they worked on, though such a feat can be tough due to security measures. It was probably only a matter of time before we started hearing about the Riverdale actors doing that very thing. Although the final season is reportedly still filming through early summer, Camila Mendes, who portrays Veronica Lodge on the Archie Comics-adapted series, was able to snag one of her character’s props already, and it's something that fans of the Lodge family will no doubt recognize. Mendes told InStyle:

One of the props people gave me a gift. There's a portrait that hangs above Hiram Lodge's office that's of Veronica, cross-legged with her hands on her knees. It's very regal, and I have it above my guest bathroom toilet currently. And I intend on stealing a different artwork that's of Veronica walking through lions. Once the show's over, I'm going to ask them to give me that. I also want that in the bathroom. I just want people to be peeing and then looking up at me staring at them.

It’s both sweet and hilarious that Camila Mendes was able to get that iconic portrait. I also sort of love the fact that she went ahead and put it in her guest bathroom. I'm not sure about any of you, but I'm hoping that she also gets to snag that other image before she finishes her work on the streamable teen drama.

Once production wraps, it’s likely that more cast members will be taking home props from The CW series. I'm as curious as ever to see what they manage to keep. At the very least, I'd love it if Cole Sprouse were to take home Jughead’s beanie, if he hasn't already. Considering that the Veronica actress said she was gifted her portrait, I'd expect the others to be presented with tidbits as well. Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and co. may be looking to move on, but I'm sure they'd love to hang to a few souvenirs from the show that boosted their celebrity statuses.

It's not surprising to hear that the prop Camila Mendes was given is pretty ridiculous, as Riverdale has crazy storylines that include some intriguing macguffins at times. And things are going to get even wilder in the seventh and final season. The series taking things to the 1950s, and the stories are bound to get even crazier.

Camila Mendes and her colleagues are probably doing all that they can to ensure that the show ends on a high note. While I'm curious to see how that all unfolds, I'll also be keeping my eyes peeled for updates regarding what props the stars were given as wrap presents.

Check out the final season of Riverdale when it premieres on Wednesday, March 29 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW. You can also stream past seasons using a Netflix subscription. In addition, check out CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule to see what is arriving this year.

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