Rumors Swirl That A View Producer Is Trying To Keep People From Talking To Ex-Host Meghan McCain

As the resident conservative viewpoint on The View, Meghan McCain got into many heated political debates with her co-hosts during her four seasons. It certainly was a boon for the daytime talk show’s ratings but, this year, the head honcho apparently thought it was going too far and getting too personal. McCain left the show not long after and ABC has been filling her spot with temps (Jeopardy-style) ever since. Certain rumors are indicating, though, that the drama hasn't been put to bed just yet – because one producer is supposedly still attempting to keep people from talking to the ex-host.

Despite a previous snafu with co-host Joy Behar, Meghan McCain seemed to be leaving in good terms when she announced her formal exit on The View in July. However, sources told Page Six that producer Brian Teta is worried about the former pundit seemingly trashing the show in her new columnist gig with The Daily Mail. A source in fact claims that Teta is banning staffers from having contact with her at all, saying:

Brian has lost his mind. What does he think this is? A cult, where everyone has to listen to what he has to say? We literally report into the news division. We’re being told not to talk to someone on the outside, who has different political views… who used to work with us.

Still, it seems unlikely that the bad blood runs quite so deep that ABC wants or even needs to blackball the former co-host. Given how her controversial opinions while still on the show helped them out with viewership, any buzz from her Daily Mail thoughts could surely be utilized the same way. What's more, at her final show, the host explained that she was leaving because she wanted to be with her newborn baby and had nothing but glowing words for her former co-stars and time on the show. On the network's side, a spokesperson told Page Six that the rumors are “not true.” They continued:

No one has been banned from talking to Meghan. Our focus is on the exciting season ahead and we wish the best for Meghan in her next chapter.

Ever since Meghan McCain left The View, the main concern has evidently been who would fill the seat at the table. A slew of guest hosts has done its best to keep up the pace in the currently airing Season 25. Nevertheless, some tried-and-true alums are expected to be enticed back, such as Debbie Matenopoulos, whose representative is apparently “having conversations with senior executives” about her return. However, one ex host is most definitely not coming back, and that's Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure. While saying she’s more than happy to be a guest host, she claimed the full time spot was too “emotional” and “stressful.”

It's an intense year for pursuing talk show hosting gigs, as ABC also dropped Chris Harrison from Bachelor Nation. Meanwhile, CBS fired Sharon Osbourne from The Talk for her own controversial opinions earlier this year.

All this speculation about ABC and Meghan McCain is sure to gain the attention of prospective successors. With this, it'll be interesting to see who the network ultimately taps to fill the void.

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