Steve Buscemi Wins 2021 By Wearing 30 Rock Meme Halloween Costume To Give 'Fellow Kids' Candy

Steve Buscemi in Hubie Halloween
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The stars showed up and showed out for Halloween this year! From Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner to Reese Witherspoon and Saweetie, Hollywood’s brightest absolutely crushed it. There are plenty of contenders for 2021’s best costume, but I think Steve Buscemi makes an incredibly strong case. In a hilarious surprise, the 30 Rock alum donned his duds from his iconic “fellow kids” meme to hand out candy. 

That’s right, the star donned the red cap, hoodie, grey “music band” shirt and even the skateboard while giving out treats to those who passed by his Brooklyn home. Communications professional Debra Wexler was one of the first to alert Twitter to the actor’s choice of costume. You can see her original post down below, which includes a pic of her daughter alongside the Boardwalk Empire alum:

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Those who regularly use social media and have a thing for gifs have probably seen the one that features Steve Buscemi’s Lenny Wosniak. For those unfamiliar with the recurring 30 Rock character, he was a private investigator that was hired by Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy on a number of occasions. This led to more than a few humorous situations on the hit NBC series. 

The meme specifically originates from a 2012 episode from the show’s sixth season called “The Tuxedo Begins.” In it, Lenny recalls going undercover at a high school, which (despite his positive view of the situation) was unsuccessful. It’s during his encounter with some teens that he utters the iconic phrase “How do you do, fellow kids?” The meme/gif has become a cultural touchstone for the Internet, which makes it that much more cool that the actor decided to play into its notoriety. 

When it came to potential characters to revisit for Halloween, Steve Buscemi actually had more than a few to pick from. He could’ve easily donned a dapper suit to honor Boardwalk Empire’s Nucky Thompson or one of his various roles from TBS’ comedy anthology series Miracle Workers. Of course, he also could’ve looked to some of his big-screen roles for inspiration. I personally wouldn’t have minded if he’d thrown on a bowling shirt and transformed into The Big Lebowski’s Donny

The battle for best costume was honestly stiff this year, though. Honestly, it’s hard to top something like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker as True Romance’s Alabama and Clarence. And Kevin Hart’s take on Michael Jackson’s iconic “Remember the Time” music video is one for the ages. And then there’s even Lizzo’s wild take on The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda. Still, I’d certainly say that Steve Buscemi stands among some of the best of 2021. 

I’m already looking forward to seeing how he follows up the costume next year. Part of me thinks he’ll go for something more movie-oriented, just to switch things up. But sometime during the year-long wait, you can check out the original 30 Rock episode, and the series as a whole, by streaming it on Peacock.

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