After Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Compared Love To True Romance, The Two Dressed As The Couple For Halloween

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This year’s Halloween was filled to the brim with some impressive costumes, and a number of celebrities truly brought their A-game. One famous couple whose duds were probably most anticipated by the public were Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. This year marked their first Halloween together, so it was pretty much a given that they would go all out. Previously, the two compared their love to that of the couple in the 1993 film True Romance, so they naturally decided to take the next step and dress as them for the holiday. And the results are pretty spot on. 

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum hit Instagram to show off the photos of her and her fiancée dressed as the lead characters. She flawlessly channeled Patricia Arquette’s Alabama Whitman, while her beau fully embodied Christan Slater’s Clarence Worley. Not only were the costumes great, but the aesthetic of the photos and the poster recreation were perfect as well. Check out the star’s post for yourself down below: 

In the caption, Kourtney Kardashian quoted one of Alabama's most famous lines. Part of the quote sees the character referring to her love as being “so cool,” and I’d bet that’s how Kardashian feels about her man. The starlet also posted another batch of photos that are just as sweet, and she quoted another notable quote there. Check the post below:

This actually isn’t the first time the two stars have dressed up to celebrate the holiday. Just a few weeks ago, they attended the NoCap x Travis Barker House of Horrors concert and marked the occasion by dressing up as punk rock icon Sid Vicious and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. They went all in on the looks, with Travis Barker even covering his tattoos to pull it off. But admittedly, being a film fan, I have to say I love their ode Alabama and Clarence a bit more.

For those who haven’t seen it, True Romance, directed by the late, great Tony Scott, sees newlyweds Alabama and Clarence dodge the mafia after snatching a shipment of drugs. As its title would suggest, the Quentin Tarantino-penned movie features plenty of romantic moments. However, it also has its fair share of aggressively violent scenes.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian first publicly compared their love to the cinematic couple’s during a beachside movie night they had back in August. While the sentiments were loved by fans, they did draw a somewhat shady reaction from Barker’s ex, Shanna Moakler. Shortly after Kardashian’s post went live, Moakler took to her Instagram stories to post a still from the movie, which showed Alabama flipping the bird. After these most recent posts, Moakler responded again though, this time she did so by posting a photo of her parents, marking it with “TRUE ROMANCE.” Take a look down below:

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As the two stars prepare to walk down the aisle, it seems their romantic flame shines just as bright as the movie characters they channeled. The PDA-filled pics they’ve posted are evidence enough of that. One would imagine that they’ll seek to hold onto that spark, though I’d hope their romance is a lot less “eventful” than that of Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater’s big-screen couple.

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