The Perfect Way Kevin Hart Channeled A Classic Michael Jackson Music Video For Halloween

Kevin Hart is probably one of the busiest people in Hollywood right now, and he just keeps on that grind, cranking out project after project. Where he finds all the time to work, work out, and spend time with his large family I will never know. But, apparently, he has no problem making time for some fun, too. Hart took Halloween super seriously this year and channeled a classic Michael Jackson music video in a couple’s costume with his wife, Eniko Hart - and, no, it wasn’t “Thriller.”

It looks like the Jumanji star was not playing around this year and even hired a Michael Jackson look alike to help pull off his costume from the late singer's “Remember the Time” music video. The actor posted a photo of he and his wife with the look alike to his Instagram, with a comparison photo from the music video, in which Eddie Murphy played the Egyptian pharaoh that Kevin Hart dressed up as. You can check out the elaborate costumes below, topped with a very real looking Jackson:

Okay, so to pull this costume off the right way, the comedian absolutely had to have the look alike. If the double wasn’t present, the Night School star and his wife would have just looked like two Egyptian pharaohs and many may not have immediately connected it to “Remember the Time”. It’s a baller move, for sure, and one that most people couldn’t afford. 

The look alike Kevin Hart used is a pretty famous one, as he's actually won awards for his resemblance to the pop icon. He has appeared in both Raising Hope and the Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop comedy tour documentary as either Michael Jackson himself or an impersonator.

Fans are loving the look on Kevin and Eniko Hart, and they’re blown away by the addition of the King of Pop's doppelgänger. Some fans are focusing on the fact that Hart went to all the trouble of hiring an actual person to compliment his Halloween costume, and others are recognizing just how wild it is to see someone who resembles the musician pop up in their feed.

Star and comedian Tiffany Haddish is clearly enjoying the costume as well, because she commented on the post with about 30 emojis. Vanessa Hudgens also dropped by in the comments to show some love for the costumes as well. 

Though they probably won't include his Egyptian pharaoh getup, we’ve got tons of Kevin Hart to look forward to. Borderlands, The Man From Toronto, Monopoly, and the series True Story are just a few of the projects we can expect from him in the next few years. He's currently filming Me Time with Mark Wahlberg, and it’s one of the many team ups to be excited about in 2022. To stay up to date with what to expect in the coming year, check out our list of films releasing in 2022 - where Hart can be found more than once!

Carlie Hoke
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