Steve Harvey Revealed The Dating Advice He Shared With His Daughters, And Fans Have Thoughts

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Steve Harvey wears multiple hats – game show host, TV litigator, and daytime talk show host – just to name a few. But another area of expertise Harvey doesn’t flex as much is that of a relationship expert. Of course, most viewers know he authored the best-selling relationship book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which spawned a romantic comedy franchise fresh off its tenth anniversary. The book was then translated into an advice segment on his daytime talk show Steve on Watch. So, giving dating advice through a book or on TV is nothing new for the television personality. However, he recently gave some dating advice he shared with his daughters that sparked some interesting thoughts from fans.

The Family Feud host posted a recent advice segment from his daily show on his Instagram account. A female audience member asked Harvey what she needed to do to secure a second date with her suitors. After listening to her question, the comedian revealed he told his daughters to “let him see what he can get but make him imagine what he can have.” See the full advice from the TV host gave the young lady in the video clip below.

I think Harvey came from a genuine place with his fatherly advice. He was just trying to help the audience member as a single woman. The TV star wanted to see her get the best from her dating life. Of course, the young lady understood and took in his advice. While she accepted the dating advice, his followers took issue with it. One commenter disagreed with trying to make suitors want a second date:

You can’t make anyone want you they either do or don’t

If someone is into their date, they’ll immediately want another one. Another follower echoed the sentiment by mentioning the young lady’s dates might not be into her.

If he don't follow up with another, he not for you. Simple... Move on…

Moving on to the next one might be the best thing for the young lady. Another replier kept the same energy by advising the audience member against going on another date with someone who isn’t into her.

Why do you want a second date with someone who obviously didn’t like you? If they did, they’d wanna date you… it’s okay, move on ma’am.

One follower mentioned the female audience member should just be herself. They reminded her that dating isn’t a numbers game.

Just be you! Who is meant for you will stay...tired of all these rules and mind games...true love ain’t calculative

While some commentators didn’t care for Harvey’s dating advice, others were more confused than frustrated. One commenter got straight to the point by replying:

I must be slow cause I ain’t get it...

This follower wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand the host’s dating advice. Another commentator wanted the Judge Steve Harvey host to explain his advice in more detail.

But it doesn't make any sense to me yet, please break it down

Confusion wasn’t the only thing the Steve Harvey Show star faced from his comment section. Some followers decided to take a jab at his daughter Lori Harvey’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, posting:

Ok…I need an example of this! And his daughter is no longer dating M.B..they broke up a long time ago

Another follower couldn’t believe the young lady was listening to the TV host. Of course, they had to bring up the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star.

Of listen to Steve. His daughter is dating Michael B

Hopefully, Steve Harvey and his followers will get past this little disagreement. Harvey likely won’t be too worried about the discourse given his full schedule. Viewers can watch him daily through Family Feud, which is in syndication, and Steve on Watch on Facebook Watch, you can also check out Celebrity Family Feud with a Hulu subscription. Judge Steve will return for Season 2 in 2023 on ABC. Make sure to check back with CinemaBlend to see when the litigation series and other shows premiere next year.

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