Watch Family Feud Contestant Leave Steve Harvey Dumbfounded Two Games In A Row

One day, perhaps not too far in the future, there will be a streaming TV channel that’s entirely dedicated to Steve Harvey’s over-the-top Family Feud reactions and contestant-trolling fun, perhaps with a sub-focus on the host’s increasingly dapper appearance. Until that happens, though, we’ll just have to continue enjoying them the old-fashioned way, which is exactly what we’re doing right now, as the past week provided not just one, but two episodes featuring the same contestant delivering gobsmacking answers that left Harvey reeling. 

The Dumb Answer 

Life is full of moments where we don’t necessarily think about what we’re going to say before blurting things out, but that instinct should always be honed and at the ready ahead of appearing on national television. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Family Feud contestant Kwane ever got that particular memo, as he produced an answer worthy of a Tex Avery-esque double take, as well as a long shelf life online alongside other viral show clips. Check it out in the video below:

For those who weren’t able to watch, the survey question posed to 100 people was to “Name something you might get in trouble for doing at a nude beach.” The Murphy family started off strong, with the first answer of “having sex” landing the top spot. (Under the euphemism “pickling the pastrami,” no less.) But when it came time to follow that up, Kwane confidently offered up a dunderheaded response that made Steve respectfully request the contestant repeat the exact same answer after hearing the question repeated back to him. And his answer, for the record, was:

Streaking. Going nude.

 To the surprise of no one, even Kwane himself, that answer sparked a big ol’ red X. To his credit, he said he missed the word “nude” when it was said, even though I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what inspired him to say “nude” in his answer. It might be simple, but it still ranks up there with some of the dumbest answers delivered on this long-running series. (For another example, check out Boyz II Men’s snafu on Celebrity Family Feud.) But that wasn’t exactly the only time one of his misguided guesses knocked the Family Feud host for a loop. 

The Shady AF Answer

Three cheers for the Murphy family pulling off the victory, because that meant viewers could bear witness to another hilarious moment involving Kwane sharing an answer that Steve Harvey never would have anticipated. While the topic itself wasn’t necessarily of a risqué nature, the tone took a sudden shift into skeezy and morally wavering waters once he answered. Check that clip out below. 

In this case, the question was about unhappy husbands, and what they’d want to guarantee ownership of after filing for divorce. While others soon after gave proper answers such as “car” and “house” and the kinds of things most people consider when the topic of divorce comes up, Kwane’s first instinct was to present this hypothetical marriage as being torn up by infidelity, as he answered with: 

My side-chick.

And once more, Steve Harvey was taken aback to the point where more repeating was needed, only this time he made Kwane say his answer a second time. And also once more, the contestant looked sheepish as all get-out after putting his subconscious out there for the world to see like that. He probably should have just copped to being too late with his answer, slowly walking back to his family without making eye contact with anyone.

The Family Feud social media team clearly knew they had a gold mine with Kwane, because they even gave this particular clip the spotlight for one of the show’s “Shorts” videos, as seen below. 

Family Feud airs daily in syndication, so check your local listings to see when and where it's playing in your area. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what shows are popping up soon, and if anybody out there happens to be dressing up like Steve Harvey for Halloween, the host might like to see that. 

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