Surprise, Hulk Hogan Got Divorced And Didn’t Tell Anyone (Until He Was Seen With Another Woman)

Hulk Hogan is one of pro wrestling’s biggest, but also most controversial figures. He’s also on social media quite often, so it’s not uncommon for the former superstar to make headlines with a tweet or comment on many given subjects. This time around, the Hulkster broke some news about his divorce, which came out of left field. In fact, he didn't share the news until pictures and videos surfaced with him and another woman.

Hulkamaniacs who follow Hulk Hogan on Instagram might’ve noticed a recent video in which the wrestler met up with rocker Bret Michaels. In the video, the two stars exchange pleasantries, and Hogan introduced Michaels to “his girl” on the couch, named Sky. 

Check out the full video of Hulk Hogan and his new girlfriend below.

The reveal was news to Hulk Hogan’s fans, some of whom remembered he was married to Jennifer McDaniel, with the then-couple tying the knot with back in 2010. The wrestler quickly got on social media to clear up the confusion and informed his audience that he and McDaniel are actually divorced. Surprise!

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TMZ Sports was able to confirm what Hulk Hogan said was accurate and found divorce documents filed in October of 2021. The split was legally granted, and it now seems like Hogan has moved on and is out enjoying life with his new girlfriend Sky. 

Speculation swirled around Hulk Hogan as of late when multiple sightings were reported of the wrestler in Clearwater, Florida, hanging out with a new woman who wasn’t his wife. Beyond the video of Hogan introducing his girlfriend to Bret Michaels, there are photos on the web of the two hanging out at various places, and even fellow wrestling legend Jimmy Hart is spotted in some pictures. 

As mentioned, Jennifer McDaniel and Hulk Hogan married in 2010, not long after his divorce from his first wife Linda Hogan was finalized in 2009. Reasons for McDaniel’s and Hogan’s divorce are not public knowledge at this time, though previously it was reported Linda Hogan filed for divorce against the wrestler after learning about an alleged affair with his daughter’s friend. 

There isn’t much information out there on what happened between Hulk Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel, and there isn’t much on his new girlfriend, Sky. With that said, there should be more information about his new beau in the coming days, as Hogan’s celebrity status will undoubtedly bring some questions about his new girlfriend as she appears more frequently on his page. For now, we’ll just have to be patient and see what happens next. 

Hulk Hogan isn’t exactly a frequent presence on WWE television in recent years, though fans can watch a lot of his classic matches with a Peacock Premium subscription. Perhaps he’ll even make an appearance with his new girlfriend at the upcoming WrestleMania, as it seems anything is possible in pro wrestling around this time of year. 

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