Taylor Swift Eras Tour Fashion: Shop Outfits Based On Your Favorite Era From The Singer

Taylor Swift in Bejeweled music video
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The hottest ticket in town for 2023 has to be Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, which nearly broke Ticketmaster when the dates went on sale and has had big celebrities like Laura Dern and Emma Stone attending. If you’re lucky enough to have grabbed tickets to Swift’s epic musical journey through her career, it’s time to talk about dressing up for the occasion. 

Now, more than many concertgoers, I’m a big cheerleader of wearing what you’re comfortable in at a show. If you want to go in a band t-shirt and jeans, I absolutely love that for you, and you’ll fit right in with the Swifties. But if you’re looking to really dress up for the affair and want to emulate your favorite Taylor Swift era, here are some outfit ideas to browse through. 

Taylor Swift in Lover music video 2019 with pink highlights

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The Lover Era

Taylor Swift’s 2019 album was all about pastel rainbows, and playful songs about falling in love, so this is an especially fun one to light up your chosen stadium with. If this is your favorite era, pastels and rainbow is definitely the color scheme here. Also, if you have tie dye in your closet, that could compliment your Eras Tour look. During the album cycle, Swift often wore fringe denim jackets like this one, which I’d dress up with a pink accents. 

But maybe you’re here for the absolute drama instead! If so, I found the absolutely most stunning dress perfect for emulating Lover: 

If you’re saying “you need to calm down” about that last one, may I interest you in this beautiful and totally fun fluffy dress that reminds me of the jacket Taylor Swift famously wore for the music video and is nearly 50% off?

Taylor Swift on SNL

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The Fearless And Speak Now Eras

Many Swifties will forever and always remember these eras as the moment Taylor Swift became a certified superstar. Since Swift is known for bringing out the sequins in her Fearless and Speak Now eras too, it’s a great time to don sparkles, like with this find: 

If you really want to embody this era to a T, I’d opt for cowboy boots with the sequined dress. If you’re not looking to be the shiniest fan in the room, I absolutely love the idea of playing homage to the romance of “Love Story” by pairing this ruffle blouse with a maxi skirt or pants of your choice. Cute, right? Make it enchanting by nabbing the purple version of the shirt and rocking those cute false eyelashes with butterflies! 

Taylor Swift Evermore album shoot

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The Folklore And Evermore Eras

The Folklore and Evermore eras were unexpected and special moments in Taylor Swift’s career that fans will see played live for the very first time during the Eras tour. Of course, you could opt for wearing an old cardigan to pay homage to one favorite on folklore, but what about this beautiful flowing dress that's on sale? 

You could also “come back better than a ‘90s trend” by nabbing one of these plaid skirts as a reference to evermore’s album cover and the popular lyric. I'd wear this one with a black top and black tights to really emulate Taylor Swift's style.

Taylor Swift in sunglasses, holding a Grammy in Look What You Made Me Do music video

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The Reputation Era

For a total 180 in regards to Taylor Swift fashion, you could ditch the frilly girliness like she did with her controversial, but banger of an album, reputation. On the Eras tour already, the singer has been wearing blazer dresses, and I love the below one that is black with little diamond-y studs all over. Or you can go full punk with the below vest from the men’s section: 

While “Vigilante Shit” is from Midnights, it does feel like the Reputation era’s motto is “draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man.” In other words, think about what you would want to wear on a revenge mission, and there’s your Reputation outfit. For another A+ mini dress that fits in the Reputation universe, check out this gorgeous fit: 

Taylor Swift on tour in Red music video

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The Red Era

Remember Taylor Swift’s brim hat phase? That’s certainly on the table when it comes to emulating her Red era. Red heart sunglasses and these picks for white lace tops paired with high waisted shorts is an easy ensemble to put together for the album that gave us hits like “22” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” 

Anything red is fair game too, but the most iconic piece of clothing of the era is the red scarf that allegedly had deep connections with Jake Gyllenhaal and “All Too Well,” obviously. 

Taylor Swift in the Shake it Off music video.

(Image credit: Republic)

The 1989 Era

Taylor Swift took it back to the year she was born in her 2014 album that officially turned her into a pop star. Since she would often sport a cropped top, a skater skirt and a sequined bomber jacket during her shows at the time, try out this outfit for the Eras tour if the “Welcome To New York” moment was your favorite. 

Taylor Swift in the Lavender Haze music video with koi fish in the background.

(Image credit: Republic Records)

The Midnights Era 

That brings us to Midnights, which is Taylor Swift’s most recent album era and full of references to color like “Lavender Haze” and “Maroon” you might already have in your closets. If you want to be really sophisticated during the concert, splurge for this midnight blue dress that looks straight out of Swift’s tour closet: 

Are you ready for it? The Taylor Swift era concert definitely feels like the right place to really strut your unique style and Swift-inspired fashion more than most musical affairs. Enjoy the show!  

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