Demand For Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Was So High Ticketmaster Crashed. Fans Shared Their Frustrated, Yet Hilarious, Thoughts

Taylor Swift made waves when she announced she was embarking on another stadium concert tour around the United States shortly after releasing her latest album, Midnights. While the singer is always giving fans something to look forward to, this was particularly exciting. Taylor Swift fans were abundantly aware of how in-demand tickets to the tour would be, but it turns out, Ticketmaster was not prepared for the historic influx of fans trying to purchase tickets during the presale, leading to much frustration from fans.

For some context as to why this tour is such a big deal, fans have been waiting for a tour ever since Loverfest was canceled in 2020. Along with the years of waiting, Swift is tilting her tour, “Eras,” as a nod to the many phases her music had gone through stylistically and aesthetically over the course of her 15 years in the music industry. Now, with four new albums and two re-recorded albums that have never been toured, the anticipation for the Eras Tour is extremely high. 

In the past buying tickets for Swift’s tours has been complicated, to say the least, however, this one took the cake. When the Eras Tour was announced, fans waited in a virtual queue for hours just to register for the opportunity to be considered for a presale code. Then on November 14, fans lucky enough to be chosen for a code were approved to buy tickets during the presale on November 15. This process was less than smooth sailing. Fans were in a virtual queue to purchase tickets for hours and hours, often having to start the process over again as Ticketmaster continuously crashed. Out of frustration, the fans took to Twitter to share their annoyance with the system, resulting in some very hilarious tweets. 

One fan compared the situation to the “Darkest Timeline” episode from Community, posting:  

Another tweet compared Ticketmaster’s technical difficulties to Swift’s song, “Anti-Hero” where she confesses to always feeling like a problem. Well, in this case, Ticketmaster was the problem.

Another fan joked that the situation was so dire, that it required presidential interference. 

One Twitter user expressed their anger with a simple sign, showing that while this was expected to be a stressful endeavor, the extent of the Ticketmaster problems was unfathomable. 

This Swiftie suggested that even Taylor Swift herself wouldn’t be able to handle the fiasco, posting: 

Lastly, one fan hilariously suggested that if maybe someone else was put in charge of the Ticketmaster queue, this process would’ve been smoother.

Clearly, someone should’ve created a better way to handle the historic amount of Taylor Swift fans wanting to see the pop star on her latest tour. Unfortunately, this will be carrying on all week as the Capital One presale started this afternoon, and the general sale starts on Friday morning. Swifties who have attended her concerts before know the Ticketmaster struggle “All Too Well,” and I wish them luck as they wait in that grueling queue. If they can solve all of Swift’s various easter eggs in the “Bejeweled” music video, I have faith they can get those concert tickets. 

For fans wanting to revisit the Taylor Swift live concert experience, the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour concert film is currently available for Swifties with a Netflix subscription. For more information on what’s coming to the streamer later this year, make sure to check out CinemaBlend’s feature on Netflix’s 2022 release dates. 

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