Taylor Swift Explains The Cameos And Easter Eggs In New Music Video For 'Bejeweled'

Taylor Swift wearing a multi-colored necklace in the Bejeweled music video.
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Following the release of her 10th album Midnights, Taylor Swift has released her second music video for the album, and now millions and millions of Swifties are busy breaking it down frame-by-frame. The pop star is known for her Easter eggs, and putting her famous friends in her music videos, and “Bejeweled” has copious amounts of both as Swift explained. 

The singer appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about her new album, and told Jimmy Fallon she wanted to make a video “for the fans.” She said it’s a retelling of Cinderella and pointed out that it’s for the fans who really love “glitter” and “Easter eggs” and “lots of little cameos.”  

Laura Dern as the evil step mother in the Bejeweled music video.

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Taylor Swift Explains The Cameos In 'Bejeweled' 

Swift has a Reputation for putting her famous friends and fantastic actors in her songs and music videos. While we've seen stars like Selena Gomez and Miles Teller in past videos, in the Midnights era, we are getting actors like “Oscar winner Laura Dern.” 

Even though Swift was part of the Amsterdam cast with many Academy Award-winning and nominated actors earlier this year, she is clearly awestruck over getting Dern into her video. This was a super fun cameo, and while Dern has two movies on the 2022 movie schedule, I think this is my favorite performance of hers this year. While chatting with Fallon, Swift only referred to the Jurassic Park actress as “Oscar winner Laura Dern,” and called her the “greatest,” making it clear she adores her.  

I was like ‘What if we really shoot for the stars with the other casting? What if it was like Oscar winner Laura Dern playing my stepmother?’

Along with Dern, who played the stepmother to Swift’s Cinderella, the singer’s longtime friends, the Haim sisters appeared as the step-sisters. These four were the only ones with significant dialogue, but Swift also starred alongside her producing partner Jack Antonoff, the makeup artist Pat McGrath and the burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. 

Taylor Swift in a powdered wig with hair clips that are S and N in the Bejeweled music video.

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There Are An Insane Number Of Easter Eggs In Taylor Swifts Music Video For 'Bejeweled'

To quote the singer herself, there is a “psychotic amount” of Easter eggs in this video. The detail-oriented singer, who does things like categorizing her songs by pen type, explained to Fallon: 

We have a PDF file for the Easter eggs in this video. Because there are so many that we could not keep track.

The main Easter eggs fans are picking up on are the ones that seem to tease Speak Now as the next re-release for Swift. Many fans are pointing to the elevator sequence with the Speak Now colored buttons and the instrumental version of “Enchanted” at the beginning. On top of all this, “Oscar winner Laura Dern” said:  

Speak not, tired, tacky wench, just clean.

On top of all this, Swift is also seen with hair clips (as you can see in the image) that are the letters S and N. So, it feels like this video is setting the stage for Swift to release Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) next. 

The video also includes nods to her other albums like 1989 and folklore, among others. There are many, many more Easter eggs in the video along, which has become the norm with Swift. She loves to give the fans hints, and they love to pick it all apart and theorize over it, kind of like they did with her cursing in her music and the song titles of Midnights

The fun with Swift’s music won’t stop there. Along with the videos, fans are picking up on fun name-drops and Easter eggs in her other songs, like Janet Jackson in “Snow on the Beach.”  

Taylor Swift has a lot of upcoming projects and appearances surrounding this album. I’m sure everything will be laden with Easter eggs and cameos. So buckle up Swifties, we're in for a wild ride with Midnights and all the fun surprises Swift always has up her sleeve.  

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