The Bachelor Spoilers: The Season 27 Bachelor Has Reportedly Been Cast, And I'm Already Yawning

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The announcement of a new lead in the Bachelor franchise is usually a polarizing time for Bachelor Nation. Each season, no matter which lucky single is chosen for the opportunity for a second chance at love, there are fans who love the decision and those who threaten to stop watching. After a rough couple of seasons for the viewers — who cringed through Clayton Echard’s “Rose Ceremony From Hell,” before witnessing the double-lead situation on The Bachelorette, which is brimming with controversy and men who don’t want to get engaged — we’re all awaiting the reveal of the next Bachelor. Apparently the decision has been made, and man, I can’t say I’m optimistic about what’s to come.

We’re about to get into some potential spoilers, so proceed with caution if you’d prefer to wait for the official announcement from ABC.  

Who Is The Rumored Season 27 Bachelor? 

Reality Steve reported via Twitter on September 14 that Rachel Recchia’s suitor Zach Shallcross has been cast as the next Bachelor. Bachelor Nation saw the 25-year-old tech executive self-eliminate on Part 1 of The Bachelorette season finale, after his Fantasy Suite date went awry. He and Recchia were able to clear the air in the live portion of the episode, so it looks like it’s onward and upward. But is this really upward?

I have nothing against the guy personally. The Texas resident seems like a legitimately sweet man, and we saw through his conversations with Rachel Recchia that he’s truly ready to settle down and get engaged, which was not a given with the men this season. I’m just finding it hard to get excited about him, even if there is the potential for more “Uncle Pat” – a.k.a. Patrick Warburton – on our screens. I’m not alone, either. Fans on Twitter also seemed underwhelmed at the news, with one tweeting:

Because of the dual-lead season of The Bachelorette, character development of the cast overall suffered, as the show struggled to follow both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s journeys. Viewers simply just didn’t get as much time as we normally do to get to know the pool of players, and that’s not Zach Shallcross’ fault. I just can’t help but wonder…  

Zach Shallcross on The Bachelorette.

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Is Zach Shallcross The Best Choice? 

I’ll just state the obvious — Zach Shallcross is a white man. In a franchise that has been so criticized for its lack of diversity, it is wild to me that those in charge continue to overlook people of color. It seemed like the show was setting up Nate Mitchell to be the next lead, but it’s possible his cheating scandal ruined his chances. It’s also possible that he turned down the role when he got into a new relationship, according to one rumor. Aven Jones had potential, at least until he balked at the idea of getting engaged so quickly.

Ethan Kang also would have been an interesting choice. His personality at least showed through, especially with the “baby back bitch” comment he made in reference to Rachel Recchia’s eventual last man standing, Tino Franco. We’ll likely never know if Kang was ever an option to be the franchise’s first Asian lead. Regardless of who was in contention, it looks like we’re ending up with Zach Shallcross — not the man many Bachelor Nation fans had hoped for to follow Clayton Echard: 

I’m sincerely hoping to be proven wrong. I’d love nothing more than to see this man come in and win over the hearts of America en route to finding his person. We'll just have to wait and see! 

The official Bachelor Season 27 announcement will be made during Part 2 of The Bachelorette Season 19 finale, a three-hour event that starts at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday, September 20, on ABC. With this season coming to an end, be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what shows are premiering soon. 

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