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The Bachelor Spoilers: Will Clayton Echard Take Back Cassidy Timbrooks’ Rose After Learning About Possible Other Man?

Clayton and Cassidy talk on a group date on The Bachelor.
(Image credit: ABC)

Spoiler alert! This story discusses Episode 2 of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, including the cliffhanger ending and spoilers about future episodes. 

Viewers hoping to experience some drama when they tuned in to The Bachelor for Clayton Echard’s second week can’t say they were disappointed. Cassidy Timbrooks and Shanae Ankney seemed to be battling for Biggest Villain in the mansion, but Timbrooks may have won out in the end, when the former football player from Missouri found out Timbrooks had been talking about another man to a fellow housemate. 

Cassidy Timbrooks had been awarded the first group date rose, but the end of the episode showed Clayton Echard asking host Jesse Palmer about possibly eliminating her anyway. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, and with two weeks until the next episode, we just can’t wait to find out – Will Clayton Echard renege Cassidy Timbrooks’ rose? 

The answer is yes, and I don’t think too many Bachelor Nation fans will be upset at the news. Reality Steve confirmed the rose reversal on his blog ahead of Season 26. 

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, it’s found out either because she told someone who then spread it or something to that effect, that Cassidy Timbrooks was still texting a guy while she was in quarantine before she got her phone taken away. This news made [its] way back to Clayton, and even though Cassidy already had a group date rose from that week, he decides to take it away from her and send her home.

Clayton Echard certainly has his critics – as evidenced by the mean tweets he read on The Bachelorette finale – and he didn’t do himself any favors by giving that group date rose to Cassidy Timbrooks in the first place. Timbrooks didn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t into the children’s birthday party they were throwing, and she got hot and heavy with Echard while the other women were hard at work. Not to mention she dropped that child’s birthday cake.

Although The Bachelor is making fans wait until the next episode to see what goes down between Clayton Echard and Cassidy Timbrooks, it’s going to be hard for Timbrooks to deny the side piece accusations, since her conversation with contestant Sierra Jackson was caught on camera. She even seemed to admit it – though downplaying it – on her Instagram Stories, which Reality Steve made sure to capture and share on Twitter.

It looks like Clayton Echard is about to be down to just one villain, but after Shanae Ankney’s antics in the latest episode – which included shaming another contestant over her ADHD – hopefully she’s not too far behind. If you want to skip ahead further to the end, take a look at Clayton Echard’s rumored final three. The NFL playoffs are pre-empting The Bachelor next week, but Clayton Echard and his questionable judgment will return on Monday, January 24, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Check out what else is coming up on our 2022 TV Schedule

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