The Internet Wants Martha Stewart To Date Pete Davidson, And Her Reactions To The Idea Are Gold

The Internet has long been a place where everyone can voice whatever desire they wish, no matter how ridiculous, illogical, audacious, etc., and every so often, one of those wishes comes true. (Looking at you, Snyder Cut fans.) What are the odds, though, that the dream-shipper coupling of domestic entrepreneur Martha Stewart and BDE-exuding comedian Pete Davidson will ever come to fruition? Only the future can know such illicit truths, but Stewart made it pretty clear she would be down to clown, as it were, if such an opportunity ever rose up.

Martha Stewart appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show for a flag-waving game centered around dating, and what her likes and dislikes are in that capacity. The whole segment was a treat, both for audiences and Barrymore herself, but their discussion about Pete Davidson stands out as the highlight. After the 81-year-old quickly responded positively to the idea of dating someone as tattooed as Davidson, she was then asked about partnering up with the SNL vet himself, which sparked a wave of the green flag (for Yes) and this answer:

I mean he's dated so many women. I'm not saying that's bad. I think that's good. And he's sorta cute. I know everybody loves him. I know him. Oh, you didn't know I know him? I do know him. He was on the Bieber roast with me. You remember. He was this little twerp on the Bieber roast. [Laughs.] He was even twerpier than Bieber. [Short pause.] Who's also very cute, by the way.

Having only recently gone viral for a video in which she was wearing nothing but an apron, Stewart speaks with such a calm and casual matter-of-factness, whether she’s talking about hanging out with Snoop Dogg, the best oven temperatures for pies, or how twerpy Pete Davidson is compared to Justin Bieber. So it’s honestly just as fun to watch Drew Barrymore’s reactions to everything her guest is saying, as she’s 100% serving as the audience surrogate with her glued-on smirk and light sense of awe about it all. Really, who among us can say we’ve inspired Martha Stewart to consider being the Meet Cute star’s first big relationship after his break-up with Kim Kardashian?

But while the above comments were pretty PG-rated, even while bringing up one of Comedy Central’s R-rated Roasts, Stewart did let a gloriously salacious-esque thought pass her lips after Barrymore commented on the comedian’s reputation cementing him as a good dude, saying:

He is a good guy. A very good guy. He knows how to get in and get out.

I think we all had this face going as a reaction.

After that, Stewart voiced a comment she’d made in the past about Davidson being like a son she’d never had, which clearly sent Barrymore’s mind reeling while searching for a follow-up comment. Perhaps thankfully, the conversation didn’t go all House of the Dragon, with Stewart suggesting they move onto the next topic. But clearly that just adds layers to the fan-fiction-ness of it all. 

Barrymore only recently had to come out and clarify prior comments she’d made about her own sex life, after viewers misinterpreted her sexual hiatus to mean she hated the act outright. No hate or shame in her game whatsoever, as evidenced in the full talk show clip below.

The Drew Barrymore Show airs weekday mornings in syndication, so check your local listings, and head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows on the way. 

Nick Venable
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