The Nanny’s Fran Drescher Shares Thoughts On When She Might Produce A Revival

Fran Fine applying to be the Sheffields' nanny in The Nanny pilot.
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Classic '90s shows are getting revived and reimagined quite frequently these days and, even now, there are some that are still ripe for returns. One show that comes to mind is the classic CBS sitcom The Nanny. Series co-creator and star Fran Drescher has been open to revisiting Fran Fine’s life with the Sheffields, though she hasn't said much about the idea in some time. Now, Drescher has shared her thoughts regarding when exactly a possible revival could happen.

Not all has been quiet on The Nanny front. As the actress and SAG-AFTRA President told Us Weekly , she's still developing a musical adaptation of the sitcom, doing so with fellow series co-creator (and ex-husband) Peter Marc Jacobson and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom to make the stage adaptation happen. According to the Living with Fran actress, work on the stage musical is going quite well, and she spilled how the new adaptation is affecting the revival’s progress:

It’s all coming together in a really healthy way. Once that baby has legs and it’s up on its feet, then we may re-explore doing the Nanny reboot. Right now, it’s really found a very happy, comfortable place on HBO Max. How I looked on that show would be how I would want The Nanny to look if we ever did a reboot. We’re actually going out with a different show for me right now. And we’ll see. If that doesn’t sell, then maybe the timing will be right to revisit bringing The Nanny back on TV.

So if fans want to see the nasally pitched and fun-loving nanny anytime soon, a Broadway (or off-Broadway) stage may be the best place where they can do so. While the musical could certainly be fun, there are surely many who would rather see another small-screen venture. While Fran Drescher is putting most of her efforts into the stage show, it sounds like she still believes there's a lot of potential in regard to a TV sequel of sorts:

Either with the original cast or with a whole new cast and bring it into the moment and just redo it in a more contemporary way that’s no longer in the ’90s but in the 2020s. There’s a lot of possibility where that’s concerned.

It's great to hear that Fran Drescher is optimistic about The Nanny revival’s network (or streaming) potential. At this point, many fans (including myself) will take the series in whatever form the TV icon is willing to give us. Between Fuller House (which ended its run in 2020), Bel-Air (which has received mixed reviews from critics), and even The Magic School Bus, Millennials and Gen Xers are craving some nostalgia (with skillful writing and character development, of course). 

It's exciting to think about what's become of Max and Fran’s (and C.C. and Niles’) relationship decades after the show's series finale. Plus, what are the older Sheffield children up to now? How did the twins, who were born at the end of the show, turn out? Hopefully, those questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

While you wait on news about the sitcom reboot, check out what The Nanny cast is up to now. You can check also out the original series by getting an HBO Max subscription and check out CinemaBlend's 2022 TV Schedule for currently airing content.

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