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The Steiner Brothers Are Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame And Fans Are (Big Poppa) Pumped For Scott's Speech

Scott Steiner in WWE
(Image credit: WWE)

The WWE Hall of Fame is inducting more members into its esteemed ranks this year, and while fans and fellow wrestlers were excited to see names like The Undertaker finally getting their just dues, the organization revealed a new pair of superstars set for induction that many weren't exepcting. Rick and Scott Steiner, at one point best known collectively as the Steiner Brothers, are now going into the Hall of Fame (an honor Jeff Hardy recently refused without his own brother Matt sharing the honor). Fans are pumped to see these two longtime greats finally get their due in WWE, and it's no surprise that Big Poppa Pump's mic skills are drawing a lot of the anticipation. 

While Rick Steiner's Dog-Faced Gremlin persona predated the tag team, the Steiner Brothers intially made a combined splash in the WCW in 1989 as a tag-team force to be reckoned with, largely opting for technical skills over showy gimmicks. After championship runs, the duo left WCW in 1992 and once again defined themselves as one of the stronger tag teams in the brand. Their “Frankensteiner” finishing move was one of the most brutal finishers of the era, and certainly one of the coolest. 

The Steiners continued their career both in tag and singles competition for decades, and have remained active in wrestling in various promotions ever since their initial breakout. Scott Steiner gained notoriety for his eccentricity and his singles run, his feuds with wrestlers like Booker T, and for insanely jacked muscles that often stood in direct opposition to the way nature usually words. When the Big Poppa Pump era was fully in play, with a gimmick that leaned far more into cockiness, Steiner became as watchable as anyone with a mic in his hands, and fans can't wait to see how he handles things once he's got a working microphone and a captive audience.

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When Scott Steiner speaks, folks tend to listen, whether it's out of pure interest or because he's the loudest thing in the vicinity. Steiner has several highlights from across his career where his promos are more notorious than some of his in-ring work, with veins that appear ready to burst at any given moment. Fans are already sharing some of those clips, which include backstage segments with other notable wrestlers.

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One of Scott Steiner's most impressive qualities was his ability to buy into his own gimmick, so that no matter what bravado-induced nonsense might have come out of his mouth, there was no denying that he believed every word of it. This is even true in the most ridiculous of circumstances, as some pointed out how odd it was that everyone just let his patriarchal nickname just happen without mass debates. Ah, the days before Twitter.

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There’s no telling what Scott Steiner might do or say when he’s got a microphone, which is why many are so excited to see it happen. This is a guy who brought a tiger to the ring on television, which trumps modern WWE’s camel appearance at Crown Jewel.

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Of course, it’s worth noting that Scott Steiner and his brother Rick could indeed be on their best behavior for the ceremony, not just because of the prestige of the event, but because they have kinfolk currently in the WWE's roster. Rick Steiner’s son, known as Bron Breakker, is currently rumored to be a top prospect within the org, despite false rumors about appearing in main roster events earlier this year, at least in terms of the brand’s future. The last thing I’m assuming either vet would want to do is jeopardize his future or taint their legacy by going too over the top with their acceptance. Many will watch and see if that’s true all the same!

The WWE’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony will stream on Peacock on Friday, April 1st, beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET. Those who don’t have a Peacock premium subscription need to pick one up to catch all the WrestleMania 38 fun and watch some of the other great programming on the platform as well. 

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